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How to protect your curtains from grime


As a central part of a home, curtains play an important role not only for the creation of a certain atmosphere, but also for the protection of the home interior from direct sunlight. However, their position in a room means that they are exposed to said sunlight themselves as well as a lot of dust, grime and filth which can cause discomfort for the residents and damage the curtains – here’s how to deal with that.

Useful tips on curtain protection for your home or office

One of the most useful tips anyone can give you is that curtain cleaning is actually super easy and it only takes a couple of minutes, even for the larger, taller ones. Curtains are made out of numerous fibers, which reach to heat, moisture and generally dry pretty quickly, especially if on the rack where they usually sit.

Clean them regularly

One obvious advice is to clean them regularly, but to make sure that you rinse them properly. It’s known that soapy substances easily attach to dirt, which is why they are so effective at removing dirt and grime – however, this could be said for when they are not removed.

Soapy residues on a fibrous base will attract and hold dust and grime, just like honey does to flies – so whenever you are cleaning your property, make sure that it’s fully rinsed. To avoid doing too much work too often, we suggest that you rinse them well and not to use cleaning supplies which foam up that much.

Wash them in the washing machine

Washing them in a machine is one of the most common household solutions for dirty curtains because it deals with almost all of the problems professionals face. You don’t really need to even dry them, because once you put them up wet, they will dry on their own, straightening out any wrinkles that may have occurred during the wash.

The weight of the water and gravity will do their work and prevent wrinkling, however, there are some drawbacks to this method. First you have to remove them from the hangers and remove their pins and any sort of accessories.

The second drawback is that not all curtains can be cleaned or even fit in a regular washing machine, which means that some other method must be used for them in particular. Natural fibers like silk don’t really do well with water and high temperatures which is why professionals prefer that they clean them with dry ingredients.

Use steamers with specialized detergents

If your curtain type allows it, we recommend that you either book a cleaning services with EasyCleaningLondon.co.uk or that you get a steamer. However, be sure to use an appropriate cleaning detergent, because it could become toxic once high heat is applied to it.

This is why we recommend that you call the people who make a living out of this, just to be extra safe and to receive the best curtain cleaning in London. They work around your schedule without any extra charges and leave your property smelling absolutely lovely.


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