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Top 6 Tips to Think about When You Are Planning to Renovate Your Home


Renovating your home can be scary and overwhelming. This guide will ensure you have 6 great top tips to consider before planning your renovation. We want this guide to give you great food for thought on what you should be considering when looking to renovate your home.

Hiring Professionals

Renovating your home is no easy task especially if you’re looking to embark on the renovations yourself while still putting in the hours alongside your full time job. Depending on the renovation plans you have in mind we recommend hiring professionals. Hiring professionals can ensure your vision is followed through and someone is working on your dream concept and living space full time. A great example is SP3 London, who are a Luxury Interior Design Business in London who specialise in project managing high end renovations or refurbishments. They’re able to understand your vision and ensure it’s planned to perfection executing your thoughts and concepts delivering the project for you.

Dividing Up Spaces with Walls

Whilst it seems like such a daunting prospect, this actually isn’t such a terrible venture! It offers a fabulous solution to customise your home so it’s perfect for you, especially when moving into a new property or modernising older places.

Consider taking down walls to make beautiful open plan areas, for example your living room and kitchen, or kitchen room and dining room. But go one step further and move or add those walls – this can offer you a million options, whether you’re creating a walk-in wardrobe, an ensuite, office space or separate rooms so the kids each have their own space. As a result, your rooms are the perfect size and design for their intended purpose and it’s all your own doing. It’s a great solution to creating your dream space.

Extensions at the Back of the House

An extension at the back of the house has a world of perks. Firstly, it doesn’t change the view from the front, or create too much disturbance during construction, but it does add more space and a huge investment opportunity. Whether it’s a brick affair that turns your living room into an expansive, luxury lounging space, whether it adds room to have the life-changing home office you’ve always wanted, or whether it’s a beautiful sun filled glass dining room with a view onto the garden, it’s a no brainer. It adds to the footprint of the house without being too intrusive and gives you endless opportunities with regards to styling your space. It’s the perfect place to entertain friends, have family all around the same table, or to sit quietly with your little family and take a moment to enjoy your time.

Loft Conversions

Making use of your loft is brilliant! There’s nothing smarter than capitalising on rarely used space to create a wonderful area. And what’s more, the nature of the space at the top of your house opens a world of opportunity for stunning architectural features, like skylights and sloping eaves and beautiful beams. Loft conversions make the perfect luxurious master bedroom, kid’s room away from their parent(s), or the perfect relaxing space for a TV, some comfy furniture and the warmth of games, blankets, movies and good times. You can even choose to use part of the space and retain half your attic if you want the storage space, but what better opportunity to organise and clear out too…!

Budget Planning and Researching the Costs

First of all, it’s fun to dream of your future home! Plus, starting like this means the rest of the project goes well and avoids problems later. The process enables troubleshooting before any issue arises, which puts you in good stead and helps things run smoothly.

What are you going to need? Consider materials, if you have them or need to buy them, and the best materials for the job. Can you afford them, and what are cheaper or more environmental alternatives? Think of tools too – do you have them or need to rent them? Now work out what this is going to cost and put it all together. It’s absolutely imperative to consider the costs. Take into account the cost of materials, and what you can do yourself vs. what you’ll need to hire tools or help for. You do not want to be caught out at the end, or part way through, so it’s a very important part of planning, nothing starts without a budget.

Colour Schemes

The number one rule is to stick to a colour scheme you’ve chosen! Conflicting colour palettes and clashing design can cause a really discordant feeling in your space and ruin the mood you were trying to create, no matter what that was. Choosing this theme throughout the space, and even the house, means you can plan the perfect furniture, lighting, layout and accessories to elevate a coordinated design and make your home somewhere wonderful to be and even better to show off. Don’t forget how significant the impact of lighting is on the colours in your room, particularly on your walls. The lighting will change the appearance of the colour depending on how the light hits it and how much light is in the space.


Hopefully these top 6 tips come extremely handy to helping you consider how you plan to go ahead with your renovation. It’s important to decide very early on if you’ll manage your project or if you would want a high end interior designer to help manage the project for you. So, take your time, do some thinking and then ensure you work on getting your plans in place to create your dream space.


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