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Space Saving Ideas for Your Studio Apartment


Are you dying to see how your studio apartment can go from awkward and bland to functional and bright? All it takes is reworking your office space and making some smart furniture choices. 

In effect, a studio is a one-room apartment that features a separate shower and toilet and measures roughly 200 × 500 square feet (46.45 m²). This is the one area where you have to make do with what you have and fit everything else around it.

Fortunately, there are all sorts of tricks one can come up with to create a distinct and smart living area that will accommodate your sleeping, hangouts, and work schedule. 

Whatever you lack in space can be made up in style. Here comes the best part, You do not have to knock down walls or get involved in major renovations to make your studio a haven and a pleasure to live in. 

For the makeover, you will need to pay attention to your sleeping area, the kitchen, living room and bathroom area. 

Sleeping Area Space Saving Ideas

Save valuable space by incorporating a wall bed that features extra storage. Now, this is what they call a space-saving superpower. Imagine having your own wall bed that conceals a secret cabinet. Your visitors won’t even know you have a bed that you can call your own. 

Another idea is to opt for sleeping lofts in cases where your studio has a high ceiling. The extra vertical space is handy for a sleeping area. What a feeling to be able to sleep just below the ceiling and have a variety of creative designs surrounding you. 

To set up a loft may require some alterations here and there for which you’ll need the landlord’s approval unless the space is your own.

Kitchen Space Saving Tips

Your kitchen area can either be a bit tiny or fitted with most of the utilities and equipment you would normally have with a regular kitchen. Which one of the two would serve your needs best is a case of deciding whether you intend cooking regularly or only need the space for unwrapping takeaways. 

For preparing and cooking a meal, you will require more than just a small kitchen counter that features a tiny sink. One also needs space for other tools and equipment to make the whole food preparation exercise enjoyable. 

What You Need for a Tiny Kitchenette

Maybe you do not intend to cook too many meals in your studio. Opting for a small kitchenette will be just fine. 

Virtually anything can be made to fit into a tiny space. All you really need is a countertop, measure around 6 feet (1.83 meters). 

The Need for Silence in Your Studio Apartment

It can be quite a challenge to rest peacefully when you have to have all your utilities in the same area you cook and fall asleep in. Coping with rowdy appliances that push up the decibels certainly is not fun, 

Wouldn’t you much rather deal with low output washer and dryer set that goes through its cycles silently? 

It is imperative to look at the decibel figures of your freezer, fridge, and washer as it will drive you around the bend if you have to sleep in the same room as your noisy refrigerator. 

What about dining tables. Surely, this is overkill. Apparently not! Some great solutions present themselves in the form of tables that simply fold out below your window. All you need is a set of hinges and some wood. Your guests will not even notice that there is a hidden table that can be folded up when not needed. 

Space in the Living Room

Have you heard of a counter and sofa combination? Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, they come up with something new. Some sleeper sofa areas can be turned into a place where you have your breakfast, work when the need arises and enjoy a bit of late afternoon tea. What they do is attach a countertop to the back of your sofa. 

While we are on the topic of sofas, you want to opt for chairs, sofa tables, and sofas have legs. Lifted pieces of furniture infuse your living area with a lighter feeling. This way, you’ll find it easier to perform some cleanup duties. 

Then again, you will find there are various options available in small space furniture. These pieces are specifically designed to maximize small areas. Additionally you can check civilizedhealth.com and their review on sectional sleeper sofas and other small space furniture.

Space Saving Ideas for Your Bathroom Area

When it comes to your studio’s toilet and shower area, tons of very cool ideas present itself so you can optimize this section to your heart’s content.  

What about settling for a corner sink and toilet? Modern designs make provision for this in that they would stack each element against a corner to minimize space wastage. These corner units are a handy way to place the toilet, shower, and sink. 

In other instances, you may have to settle for a combo toilet and sink and allow room for a separate shower area. The cool thing about doing this is that you can utilize the wastewater from your sink to flush the toilet. 

By the way, this is something you will likely come across when visiting apartment spaces in Asia and Japan. These guys are known for sourcing innovative ideas and optimizing every square inch of a room. 

Do not fool yourself into thinking that a studio apartment is only meant for students or young people. However, with the right design ideas, your studio doesn’t have to feel like a dorm. 

The below are some final tips to make living in a studio apartment bearable. 

One needs to understand how things flow within your space. Give some forethought on how you move through your studio daily, then adjust your furniture in such a way that you will feel less cramped and freer to move around at will without tripping over anything in the process. 

Dedicate a wall in your studio for artwork as it will make a massive difference to your living area. You do not even have to pick up a hammer to make this possible. 

Storing your goods can be turned into a classy venture by making use of minimalist bookshelves or a few colorful baskets. 

Can you see how much fun it can be to live in a studio apartment?


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