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Your Pillow Guide for Better Sleep


If you thought that finding the right mattress is a struggle, then you probably did not shop for a new pillow recently. That is one of the signs that you need a new one. How to know which one is the best, and when did so many different pillow options showed up on the market? If you do not know where to start, or you do not know the difference between various materials, stuffing, constructions, etc. keep reading, because we are going to summarize everything you need to know about the best pillows.

How to Pick The Right One

Just like the wrong choice of mattress may give you many sleepless and painful nights, bad pillows can do the same. What is a bad pillow, and how to recognize it? The bad pillow is any model that is wrong for you, that does not suit your needs or body features. When shopping for a new model, you need to consider some things. For example, the size of your head, the width of your shoulders, your preferred sleep position, etc. Pay attention to the firmness of the pillow, the size of the loft, and do not be afraid to try it and return it if it is not the right fit. Most online brands offer a free trial, just carefully read the terms.

Pillow Division

Can you guess how many different pillows can be found on the market? Me neither. It is hard to tell because the industry is constantly improving, introducing innovations, and more comfortable solutions. However, over the years, some models have gained the trust of many sleepers and became well known for their exceptional quality, durability, comfort, and materials. Here, we are going to briefly represent you some of the most popular pillows for beds.

  • Memory foam. The supreme contouring effect of memory foam is the main feature of this material, initially developed by NASA. Memory foam pillows will mold and adjust to any shape of the head, and they are excellent for sleepers who experience neck or shoulder pain. This material is hypoallergenic, so it is suitable for people who are prone to allergies. The only drawback is that these pillows tend to sleep hot, so sleepers usually seek for the models that are ventilated.
  • Polyester. The leading synthetic material is also very popular in the bedding industry because the polyester fill is light, soft, cuddly, but it lacks support. These pillows are machine washable, so they are easy to maintain, and they are also the cheapest. However, they will not last as long as other materials, because they tend to become lumpy or flatten out, so you will have to repurchase it more often.
  • Latex. Choosing the best latex pillows is actually quite easy because they are all good. Currently, latex models are probably the most popular ones; hence, their price is a bit higher. Latex is a very durable natural material, it is antimicrobial, it provides enough support, and it has that exceptional molding and contouring effect of the memory foam. Unlike the foam, latex is not heated conductive, and it is more bouncy and firm, ideal for those sleepers who need extra support and pain relief.
  • Goose down. Down is one of the more traditional, natural materials, it is very light, cuddly, and it gives you a sense of luxury, almost like you are sleeping in a hotel room. In comparison to feather, down is softer, and it does not have sturdy quills, so you do not have to worry that it is going to poke you in the face. Also, it does not produce noise, and it does not sleep hot. Although it is hard to find a flaw, this type of stuffing could be harmful to sleepers with allergies.
  • Buckwheat hulls. This type of pillow acts like a bean bag, and it allows you to customize your pillow, you can raise the loft, fluff it, or even remove some of the hulls if you feel like there is too much of them. These pads do not trap the heat, and they will not rise around your face in a way down pads tend to do. Due to its filling, these pillows can be loud, because they produce noise whenever you move, they are heavy, and not meant for machine washing.
  • Shredded memory foam. If you got tired of your old memory foam pillow, but you do not want to experiment too much, here is a twist to the traditional foam pads. Its most significant improvement and the advantage is the fact that it is more breathable, so it is not as heat conductive as regular foam pillows. But that is not all, this pillow is suitable for machine washing, it comes with hypoallergenic features, resistance to dust and mites, and you can easily adjust the thickness of the loft.

The Bottom Line

Like we mentioned, the offer is vast, and this is just our selection of top materials and compositions. If you notice that your pad is not performing well, it is flat, or lumpy, do not postpone pillow shopping because you might develop chronic aches and sleep deprivation. Consider investing in your “sleep equipment” is an investment in your health, sleep, and overall quality of life.


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