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Why do You Need a Video Intercom? Top 5 Causes  and Some Mistakes While Installing a Video Intercom           


With time, technology has revolutionized our daily live by creating amazing tools and get it for us.  Technology has become an integral part of our daily life. With the increasing importance of security, Intercom systems are also getting better with the passage of time . In this article we will discuss the importance of installing video intercom at our home, apartment or office. Infact, there are many uses of a video intercom and many reasons to purchase one for yourself. Intercoms are not only for receiving the video calls  from the visitors outside the building.There are many more benefits of it. Beside this,  We will also share some common mistakes while installing an intercom. This is a blog of BAS-IP company, who offer a wide range of intercommunication devices with top quality.

Why do you prefer a video intercom? Top 5 reasons

  • Security Features

Modern video intercoms are able to detect the presence of person within their range because of infrared sensor, which is able to distinguish the temperature of person from the environment. For instance, if in the middle of night, you get an alarm on your phone that some unknown person is hanging out at your door, then you will be able to call him through video intercom and tell him to get away otherwise you will call police. These intercoms use infrared radiations that’s why visibility remain good in dark. Furthermore, these video intercoms keep the recording of incident and because of this feature no one can remain unnoticed.

  • Homogenization

Intercom system are not only for making video calls and opening the door. We can also watch live videos in it, in addition to this, you can also connect all smart devices of your building with it .for instance, exit and entry buttons, doors, lock and even an elevator. And that’s an awesome feature for making life easier.

  • 2 Way audio and video communication

Through video intercoms visitors can instantly make a video call by pressing the external button on the penal directly to the phone of tenant. This feature enhances the security of resident’s manifold because unwanted and suspicious persons can be denied access. Furthermore, it also prevents the need of rushing to the gate again and again.

  • Instantly open the door

The person inside of house can instantly open the door after satisfaction by pressing the button on intercom or from smartphone. This feature makes life easier. And saves the time of both visitor and tenant.

  • Access control

This feature of video intercom is amazing.  access can be made through simple keychain and card. Only you just need to put your keychain or card on sensor. Likewise, all family members and employees can be enrolled on this system. This access control feature also note the time of exit and entry. And  With the revolution in technology, access can also be gained by fingerprints and face recognition method.

Top 5 Mistakes While Installing a video intercom

A variety of problems can happen while installing a video intercom. It costs extra money and time. Therefore, it’s good to prevent them at the beginning. Here we will share some common mistakes that we do while setting up a video intercom.

  • Infrared rays of camera are blocked

It is pretty common that people set up video intercoms in places where infrared light of camera is blocked or it get too much light. Things look normal during the day but the image get over exposed during night, because camera don’t get required infrared beams.

  • Protective Filming on cameras

Sometimes cameras are protected by films or tape inside and outside in order to protect it from scratches. This makes the image blur on both side of video.Therefore, its necessary to remove such protective films or tape before powering up the camera.

  • Forgetting to waterproof the cables or water sensitive parts

It is necessary to wrap the tape on the exposed connections or wires of video intercom which are outside the building. Then Service of video intercom will not be halted by rainstorms.

  • Direction of intercom

Camera part of the video intercom should be placed at the right direction.so that the image can be seen clearly.

In a nutshell, video intercoms are the best choice for luxury or security reasons. BAS-IP is the leading brand .Few products of BAS-IP have also won reddot award. The modern IP video Intecom and the mobile app can let people to control their exit and entry places.It has connections for up to 8 IP cameras, Furthermore, their video intercoms have easy surface installation and high-quality picture.


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