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How to adapt your home for the arrival of a baby


Having a baby is a special time in your life full of happiness and new things to learn, discover and let’s face it, this also implies a lot of changes including adapting your life and your home for the newborn.

You will have to reorganize the spaces in the house so that their comfort and yours go hand in hand. Also, remember that the most important thing is your baby’s safety so you will need to change some elements in the house according to this new need.

If you want to learn about all the tricks to prepare your house for the arrival of your baby this article is for you!

Create a special area for the baby

The baby’s room has to be comfortable for the parents as well as you will be spending a lot of time keeping an eye on your baby. The ideal thing to do is getting a comfortable chair close to the baby’s cradle and a support table to have everything you need at hand.

Also, get multifunctional furniture such as cabinets and dressers that adapt to your needs to improve your storage.

Another element that you can add is good lighting as you may want to read, work or do other activities while the baby is still asleep.

Remember that ideally, you should have a room designated for the baby, it is not urgent at the beginning but, as your baby grows, you will need to have it sooner or later.

Make space in different rooms

You need to keep in mind that your baby will be in all the areas of the house and that is why he or she has to have a special space in each room.

For example, you will need to put a baby bath seat in the bathroom, a baby walker as well as a playpen in the living room, a baby seat in the dining room among other things you will need as the baby grows.

Keep your home safe

When you have a baby in the house you have to make sure he or she stays safe all the time, to achieve this you should do the following:

  • Hide the cables of the electrical appliances in the house. The cable should not have bare parts and also the plugs should be covered with protectors so the baby will be safe even when he or she touches it.
  • Remove any cords that could get around your baby’s neck.
  • Choose carefully when you buy toys, choose the ones that are appropriate for your child’s age. Also, look for safety information in the box.
  • Never leave your child alone in the bathroom as they can drown in very little water, keep an eye on him/her all the time.
  • Keep all small objects and sharp or glass objects out of reach from the baby. Keep them in closed cabinets or high spots.
  • Block doors for the baby not to leave the room when they are exploring.
  • As children can’t tell the difference between medicine and candy you should store all your medicine and cleaning supplies in closed cabinets.
  • Use plastic inserts to cover electric outlets that you are not using.
  • Use non-slip rugs inside the bathroom.

Set up your air conditioning correctly

Air conditioning itself is not harmful to babies, contrary to what people believe AC has a lot of benefits, especially for health, but you need to set the AC accordingly to the situation.

You need to consider the temperature and the humidity and set your ac at a temperature where both you and your baby feel comfortable. 25ºC is the ideal temperature as the humidity will go away preventing the appearance of fungi and mould, which is harmful to health, and also your baby will maintain its body temperature.

Some AC devices can also improve your air quality, but it is important to clean your AC filters regularly so it doesn’t accumulate dirt as dirty air can affect the baby. Also, bear in mind that you never have to let the baby face the air conditioner directly as this can cause an excessive drop of temperature and affects its health.

Keep you home clean

With a baby at home, you have to keep it clean all the time. It is recommended to declutter the entire house before the arrival of the baby and try to keep it this way from now on.

For the floor, you have to sweep it all the time as babies tend to put everything in their mouth, even trash.

Also, you have to put special attention on the carpets as they can collect a very high amount of dirt and dust. If you don’t have time to keep your carpets completely clean, you should store them in a closet. On the other hand, if you feel that you will need carpets due to the cold floor opt for the ones that are easier to clean.

Invest in smart storage

When you have a baby you will see how easy your home can get messy. That is why you will need new kinds of storage to keep your house decluttered. Toys and baby equipment will get all over the place, but if you plan where to store everything and invest in some smart storage solutions this won’t be a problem for you.

Also, if your home is significantly big you will want to set some strategic changing spaces so you can take action when an emergency occurs.

Remember that you need to make all these new adaptations in your home before the arrival of the baby, otherwise you will not have enough time to do it. You will be tired, a little stressed due to your new life and that is why it is important to prepare everything in advance.


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