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3 Powerful Ways to Learn to Play Slots Online


Since 1894, when Charles Fey (a mechanic from San Francisco) created the coin fed gaming machine, slot machines have been an humongous success. The first iterations of slot machines were found in western saloons and barbershops.

With a nickel at a time, customers would try their luck for candies. It’s funny now to imagine people of the old days competing for their shot at some candy.

The slot machine has changed with the times. No other casino game has fully embraced the cutting-edge technology like slots. It’s easy to see why slots are one of the top casino games we have today.

How Slots Games Work

It’s more complicated than just punching a button and praying to the lord that you hit a jackpot. Before you can learn how to play, you must understand what you’re playing. Slot machines are entirely a matter of chance. You have zero influence on the results of any spin. Slot machines use a computer program called a random number generator (RNG) to dictate outcomes. This guarantees that each result is random.

Even if you’re new to online slot machines, these 3 powerful tips will help you ace the slots online game and worth trying.

1.    Play Higher Denominations

Playing high denomination bets will ultimately maximize your potential winnings. It’s a no-brainer that higher denomination spins can pay more than low denomination ones. If you can afford a single high bet, it reduces your chances of having a winning spin, but if you do get lucky, you could reap the rewards. When faced with an option to make two £1 bets or a single £2 bet, go with the latter. That’s simply because higher denomination slots will pay that much more.

2.    The More Complicated the Game, the Lower Your Odds

Complicated multi-line slots with bonus rounds and multipliers often come with lower odds. More complex features also mean more symbols and more reels, which may also lower the odds of your winning. That being said, you’re more likely to get consistent, small wins with these games, or unlock a bonus round or free spins.

In some cases, these small gains can add up. For a more exciting experience, go for simple slots, such as the ones with only three reels and single-line bets. Obviously, this doesn’t mean you should stay away from complex slots — learning how to play multi-line slot machines can also be very rewarding.

3.    Test the Games You Play

Some online casinos offer slot games with free spins, giving you the chance to play for fun. This is a good chance to try it out before playing for real money, determining your own best way to play slots online.

If you are feeling uncertain or want to know more about a slot’s bonus features, give it a few chances without wagering any money. In that case, you can have a feel of how the online slot plays and whether you like it or not. Once you are done trying it out, you can start playing for real cash – or move on to another slot if you didn’t like what you saw.

Try Playing Slots Online

Possibly the best way to learn to play slots is by playing slots online. After you’ve signed up and logged in, you can browse the vast catalog of games they have available to you. These games include the older style 3-reel slots, cutting edge video slots, and the mega-jackpot progressive slots. We strongly recommend trying out a handful of variations to find your favorites on when you play slots online.

There’s no better way to find the style of game you’ll enjoy most than taking each for a free test drive.


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