Home DIY How to clean the house correctly and quickly – useful tips

How to clean the house correctly and quickly – useful tips


How to quickly clean your house yourself – useful tips

Each of us knows the feeling of satisfaction when a home shines with cleanliness and order. But cleaning your home thoroughly is a painstaking and time-consuming process that takes a lot of time. And when it’s not an apartment, but a cottage, cleaning can be a real nightmare.

Together with Nelson Property Management we came up with tips that will help you clean your home faster and with less effort.

  • Do not take on the entire cleaning effort in one day. It is much more convenient to set aside for yourself, for example, one hour every day. During this time, you organize the general order in all rooms, that is, you put things in their places, and in one or two rooms you carry out a more thorough cleaning.
  • Involve your “household” in the cleaning process. This will help you to change your attitude towards this work (after all, everyone is happy with the mess, which means that they must clean up together), in addition, joint cleaning will teach everyone to value order and at least put things in their places.
  • In professional cleaning, the cleaning of the premises is carried out by the “top – down” method, from clean to dirty. Take this method into service. If the house consists of several floors, then it is better to start cleaning from the top, gradually moving downward. This method also implies that in the room – dust is removed first from the cabinet, and then from the bedside table.
  • Do not neglect household appliances. For example, before damp cleaning the floor, vacuum it. This makes cleaning the floor much easier and improves quality. By the way, it is better to wipe the dust from furniture and interior items after you have worked with a vacuum cleaner. Even the most reliable filters do not retain 100% dust and will reappear on freshly cleaned surfaces.
  • Use microfiber cloths for cleaning, they do not leave streaks, absorb moisture well and remove dirt much more effectively than a simple cloth. It is only important not to forget to wash them or rinse them thoroughly and dry them after your work is completed. It is better not to crumple the napkin, but to fold it in four, changing sides as needed (this way you will have four working surfaces for cleaning).
  • Learn to choose the right cleaning equipment. For example, if you have a parquet floor, it is better to use a mop with a microfiber attachment, or a mop-sponge is suitable for cleaning a tile floor.
  • There are special detergents and cleaning agents for each type of surface. Read the instructions carefully and use them as directed. Remember that your task is not only to clean or wash, but also not to spoil the surface.
  • When cleaning a large house, organize your work so that everything you need is at hand. Put all the cleaning supplies you use in an empty bucket or basin so you don’t have to run up and down floors to get a napkin or polish.
  • All cleaning equipment and equipment must be kept clean and monitored for their serviceability, change filters and dust-collecting bags in the vacuum cleaner in time, this significantly increases the service life and will help you to put things in order with high quality.
  1. All of the tips above were for maintenance cleaning at home, which should be done regularly. But the time comes when you need to carry out a more thorough general cleaning with washing glass units and lamps, dusting walls, ceilings, radiators, comprehensive cleaning of the kitchen area and bathrooms.
  1. It is very difficult to carry out general cleaning in the house on your own. Currently, there are companies that provide cleaning services to the population at a very high level of quality and in the shortest possible time. The prices of cleaning companies depend on the volume and type of services provided and are commensurate with the costs that you will have when hiring an au pair and buying professional detergents and professional equipment and tools.

House cleaning service lafayette IN is a priority area of ​​work for our company. our specialists are highly professional in cleaning housese clean cottages of varying complexity and class with the highest quality level. The cleaning process is organized in such a way that all general cleaning of the house will be completed during the work shift.

Apartment cleaning cost

The cost of cleaning apartments remains the main factor that makes homeowners think twice about ordering services from such companies. Some cleaning services charge a price per square meter of the apartment, while others report a lump sum for the entire apartment. Find out which method is more cost effective for you to save on unnecessary costs. There is another option, some service providers sign annual contracts. Such a contract can be a wise decision as the price can drop significantly.


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