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What Should I Look For In An Interior Designer?


What qualities does a good interior designer have?

It is not uncommon to hear someone saying they are a decorator or interior designer these days. Yet, is it really as easy as it seems to be one? Interior designer Jane Thomson says that who you are looking for, is someone that agrees with your aesthetic and that you can work well with. 

Your design process begins after deciding on a designer. The initial meeting with your chosen designer should include a discussion on your goals, ideas, views, budgets, expectations, and a timeline of the deliverables. Alliance Management Team advises that for a productive meeting, ensure that you bring along images and have ideas beforehand to run through with your designer. 

Here on out, a good designer will be able to realize the true potential of your house both aesthetically and practically. 

Still undecided over hiring an interior designer or DIY-ing it? Here are nine reasons we say hire one. Vancouver interior designers are professionals you can trust.

A good interior designer identifies design opportunities

It doesn’t matter if a specific material or element isn’t in your initial plan, brief, or mood board. The best interior designers take the chance when they see it and propose changes that could complement your existing ideas. They are opportunists in a good way, jumping on the chances you might have otherwise missed.

They have a good grasp of the overall design

The key to designing is to understand the problem or goal, and going about trying out various solutions to determine the best fit for the problem. A good interior designer is able to grasp the overall idea while ensuring that details are not overlooked. They make sure your house has a cohesive look.  

The little things add up to make a home perfect, and both designers and clients must remain focused on the ultimate goal. 

They ask about the nitty-gritty details

Don’t be surprised if your interior designer invades your personal space, as they work their way around what you think you need but also include what you actually need. Interior designers will strike a balance between the demands of both husband and wife and ensure a merged idea that pleases both. 

At times, this means putting aside the client’s requests and doing what is right for the room or overall house; especially when clients unknowingly ask for the impossible or impractical to be done.  

They help you to try what you would otherwise be afraid to do

More than just a designer, they are also there to cheer you on and give you the motivation to take the plunge you never dared to do before. Their aim is to make your space perfect for YOUR lifestyle, not be a copy of what you’ve seen before. 

They have a crystal ball

Well, not really. What they instead do, is to see the potential in spaces and help you envision what they have in mind. They see into the future and make guesses on what you might not yet know you want. 

They design the kitchen to the main users’ needs

One of the most overlooked points in designing is to consider the needs of the end-user. What is the main purpose of your kitchen going to be? Is it to entertain family, to have friends over for brunch, to make comfort food, desserts, or for fine dining? While an open-concept kitchen from your bachelor’s pad might seem glam and cool, it’s not going to be the kitchen you want to actually have to cook in. 

Thinking about the type of cooking to be done is needed in designing the perfect kitchen. How the chef works in your kitchen will determine the amount of passageway required, the size of appliances, and the amount of storage space needed. A good designer will have a good idea of how to arrange all of these into your floorplan.

They make designs that grow as your family does

Interior designers help you to design and organize your house around your personality and your daily life while giving allowances for the needs of your family in the future. They fit the house around your family, and not fit the family to the house; especially when it is a new house or when any extensive renovation is done to the existing property. 

If you have young children, access to the garden is likely a key consideration. Conversely, older teens and adult children who still stay at home will want privacy away from the family, be it in the form of a separate space or a whole other wing if you have it!

They understand the key to living well is well-designed common spaces

It may be common knowledge that life is full of compromise, but good interior designers ensure that the main spaces in your house are not sacrificed during a renovation. They protect the heart of your home and ensure it is a light, open area where the family can interact, have meals, and go about life. 

This is done by sizing down bedrooms and bathrooms and enlarging the common spaces which have higher utility throughout the day. Sufficient storage and utility rooms are important, as they take away from the stress of having storage in the main living areas. 

They don’t sacrifice your current comfort for potential resale value

While improvements during a renovation should aid in increasing sale prices, good designers also ensure that your house is what YOU want it to be, and not something they think a future potential buyer who you don’t know might want. 


Your family home is yours, so pay homage to your family! Consider the needs of every family member, and watch as your interior designer turns your house into a home; the place where you can retire to for the joys of familial comfort after a long, tiring day out, or whenever you need a safe harbor from work or school. Just be sure to plan out your budget and figure out what you want before you source for an interior designer; this will ensure that the entire process will be a
smooth sailing one!


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