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4 Ways to get your home cosy for winter


When the temperature starts to drop, we end up spending a lot more time indoors. While a cool breeze might be refreshing in the summer, it certainly isn’t in the winter. Leaky windows and chilly rooms can all contribute to feeling a bit blue as the days get shorter and the nights longer.

Give your home, and yourself, a bit of a pick me up with these simple home decor tips. If you are not up for a significant remodel don’t worry, there are easy options here that you can do in a jiffy as well as some more long term ones.

So what are you waiting for? Look about for your woolly winter jumpers, roll up the sleeves and let’s get started.

Quick Fixes


Stark overhead lights have the habit of washing out a room, even though it makes it bright, it can leave you feeling exposed. Try creating pools of light rather than always reaching for the big switch. Table or floor lamps can create a warm and inviting atmosphere- just imagine yourself sipping a hot cup of tea and reading a good book under their glow.

A fun and easy way to bring some cheap and cheerful winter warmth to any room is to string up some fairy lights. Get creative with how you use them. A string of lights curled inside a hurricane glass makes for a lovely accent on a side table. They aren’t just for Christmas trees either, string them through any large houseplant for an extra special touch.


Another quick fix to a gloomy winter is adding a rug or two to a room to cheer it up instantly. Tile and wooden floors look beautiful, but they will suck the warmth out of your toes in an instant. Choose a thick rug with a non-slip backing to bring something extra special to a room. A pop of colour like a yellow or a warm red can make a space seem brighter and larger. If you like to go all out with your Christmas decorations, then consider festive-themed rugs. Once the season is over, you can simply roll it up in preparation for warmer days.

More Serious Upgrades


If you do have the capacity for something a little more involved, consider giving your radiators an upgrade. We upgrade so many things in our homes at the drop of a hat – computers, kitchen appliances, TVs etc. Even windows and doors tend to get more attention paid to them than the humble radiator. Older radiators can be extremely inefficient, and there is even the chance that the radiators you have are not right for the rooms they are in. The first thing you are going to want to do is Google BTU calculator. Pop in the measurements of a room and it will tell you how many British Thermal Units (BTU) it will take to heat that room. Check if that matches up with what your radiator is currently putting out. If it doesn’t, it could be time to try something new. Check out some stylish options here for inspiration- there’s definitely more to radiators than boring white ones.


If you live in a rented flat, leaky windows can be a common problem. Older buildings might not even have double glazing. A considerable amount of heat can be lost through the windows, especially if you live in an old tenement building with a high ceiling like me. If you are not in a position to get the windows upgraded, then some seriously thick curtains could be the answer. Thermal curtains will keep heat in and the cold out once you draw them. Make sure your curtains cover the whole window and don’t leave any parts of the windows exposed.

For more practical ways to keep your home warm this winter check out this previous blog post – Top Ten Tips to Winter Proof Your Home. I don’t know about you, but I am feeling warmer already!


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