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Top 7 Hobbies You Can Practice In Your Apartment


Living in an apartment leaves you with few options regarding hobbies, at first glance. But, if you take one look at the next list of hobbies you can successfully practice in your apartment, you will change your opinion.

  1. Gardening

No, it is not a joke. Apartment gardening is a thing, and more and more people are getting on the new trend. Some plants can thrive even without perfect sunlight and conditions, and they can offer real rewards to their caregiver. Just learn what plants you can keep in your apartment, and you will become a gardener in your rights without a problem.

  1. Meditating

The hectic life everyone seems involved in nowadays can have severe effects on one’s health. You can’t truly unwind if your mind still ruminates about work assignments, overdue bills, and many other tiny things that can cause you stress. Consider meditating as a hobby. You can perform it in your apartment, and you don’t need anything else but a corner of silence.

  1. Small-scale woodworking

Just like gardening, woodworking sounds like a hobby for someone with a large home and many acres of land. But, as long as you keep your hobby scaled down to the space you have at your disposal, you’ll be as much as a woodworker as anyone else. Wood carving is one great hobby you should try.

  1. Playing a musical instrument

Indeed, the conditions are less than ideal for practicing music, but this doesn’t mean that you should give up on your ambitions to become a musician. For instance, playing your violin doesn’t require you to perform in a large concert hall when you practice. Get a cheap but good model – Cecilio violins are a great example – and start playing. It’s the only way to get good at it.

  1. Reading

Books have been entertaining people for centuries, and they still hold a dear place in anyone’s hearts. While the medium used for enjoying the written word has evolved, and now anyone can read and keep thousands of books on a tablet, or in the memory of a smartphone, the satisfaction is the same.

And the great news is, of course, that you can read as much as you like when you’re living in a small apartment. If there’s not enough space for a bookcase, you can rely on your e-book reader. It can hold as many books as you like while it takes less room than one single book.

  1. Cooking

Some hobbies may bring you inner peace; others may make you grow as an individual, while others are practical. Cooking belongs to the last category. If you’re fed up with spending too much on food, maybe you should start learning how to cook. It can be tons of fun, as well.

  1. Knitting

Another practical hobby you can practice in an apartment to your heart’s content is knitting. Even if it is just a scarf or something simple, the feeling of satisfaction that comes with seeing a finished product that came out of your hands is unrivaled.


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