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7 Exotic Pets You Can Keep In Your Apartment


Not only cats and dogs make perfect companions for people everywhere. Some exotic pets can live without an issue in an apartment as their demands are not unusually high. Of course, before getting such a pet, you should consult your local laws and also check your tenant or homeowner’s agreements, to see if it is legal to keep it.

  1. Gerbils

These small animals are very social, and they like living with others of their kind. Pairs of male or female gerbils will get along just fine, but larger groups are also okay if that’s something you want. Because they don’t require a large cage, they are easy to accommodate in a small space.

Another thing you should know about these critters is that they are a lot of fun to watch. They are pretty active during the day, so they won’t cause a ruckus while you’re trying to sleep.

  1. Reptiles

If you don’t mind the cold-blooded attitude of such pets as they won’t endear to you as the owner in the same manner as mammals usually do, reptiles are quite a good option for keeping inside an apartment.

People who want pets that they don’t have to look after all the time will find reptiles a sound choice. Lizards, bearded geckos, and other similar animals are ideal for a tranquil environment.

Snakes are another option, but you should be careful about their escape attempts. The last thing you need is a snake on the loose.

  1. Ferrets

If reptiles don’t do it for you and you prefer a pet that you can play with, choose a ferret. They are social creatures and will spend most of their day playing among themselves or with their human owners.

Be aware that a proper ferret enclosure should be large enough to allow the critters to move around and spend their energy. With a propensity for burrowing in small cramped places, ferrets can be a bit challenging if left out of the cage.

Make sure that your home doesn’t have any holes or other cramped areas where your ferrets might get stuck. Also, it is an excellent idea to litter-train them before letting them roam around the house.

  1. Hedgehogs

They don’t need a lot of space, and they are cute animals that you may like to have around in your apartment. However, you should be aware that they are nocturnal animals, so listening to how they run on their wheel all night long may not be on top of the list.

Make sure that you place the hedgehogs’ cage somewhere the noise they make won’t be an issue. And, although you probably know well, don’t try to pet them as they’re full of spikes.

  1. Rabbits

Although there are some challenges in keeping a rabbit in an apartment, this cute and fluffy animal can be a great pet. As long as they get used to you, rabbits like your company. However, they are not crazy about being held, so you may not feel the bonding you are after as with other pets.

Litter-training a rabbit is not impossible but requires a lot of patience. Create the proper environment for your pet, and you’ll have a pretty well-behaved rabbit.


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