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Moving Home With Kids – The Parents Checklist


When you have children, you begin to see the world through different eyes. Friday nights may have been your moment to shine, painting the town red and clambering back home as the sun begins to beckon in Saturday morning. Now, your Friday nights are spent tucking the kids into bed at a reasonable hour in the hope you might be able to indulge yourself with a glass of wine before drifting off on the sofa at 10pm.

Most parents come to a point when they start to think about moving home, allowing for more space for their family. While the place was more than big enough for the two of you on your own, the patter of little feet probably means that walls of your once spacious abode feel as though they sit considerably closer than they did before.

As with all other aspects of life now you are a parent, you first have to consider the kid(s) before yourself – so what do parents have to consider when moving him with their children?

Crime Rate

You want to live somewhere your kids will be safe to play outside with friends. No one should have to live in fear, but it is no secret that some locations’ crime rate is lower than others. All towns and cities have may be considered to be ‘good’ and ‘bad’ estates – if you are moving to a completely new area of the country, you will do well to familiarise yourself with it before completing the move.

Also, don’t be completely put off by areas with crime – even the best areas will see some level of crime. If possible, speak with locals who can offer their own perspective of day-to-day life of living in the area.


Those with young children, you want somewhere that you can take the kids to without the need for jumping needlessly in the car. Parks and playgrounds make up a huge part of the fabric of the community, which is why local councils, such as Hertsmere Borough Council, have made funds available to develop districts for the better.

As well as being a fantastic source of enjoyment for children, they also provide an excellent means of exercise. It does children no good being inside all day every day barring going out to school, making living close by a local park a massive advantage to parents.


Arguably the most important all of things to consider are schools and nurseries. You want only the very best for your children and, as you may already know or will come to find out; the best schools are notoriously hard to get into.

That is why many parents move house specifically to live in the catchment area for the school they want to send their children to. As well as schools, nurseries are also a key factor to consider if your child(ren) is yet to reach to school age and you require childcare. Living close to a good nursery could be advantageous and convenient for you as parents when it comes to dropping off and picking up, although many parents also look for nurseries close to their place of work for similar reasons.

Transport Links

If your family doesn’t have a car, or one of you doesn’t have immediate access to a car for one reason or another, you will be reliant on public transport such as buses. This is when moving in the local area comes in handy as you may already be familiar with public transport links, meaning you probably know which area is better connected.

Not all areas are always well serviced, and it may also be worth reading up on reviews of local services to give you an idea of how reliable local bus services are.

Room to Grow

Lastly, you want to allow room for your family to grow. Your children will get older and taller, requiring their own space as the years go by. While brothers and sisters may be sharing a bedroom now, they won’t want to share forever.

You may also be looking to move to make room for another addition to the family, whether they are already on the way or not. You will want enough room for everyone to live comfortably, sit around the dinner table in the evening, have a bedroom each and, of course, space for the parents to call their own.


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