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Tips to Decorate Your Home Elegantly in Budget


Your home defines your personality!

The home decor speaks aloud about what kind of life-standards the inmates have, and showcases your taste. Therefore, it’s important to maintain a beautiful house interior.

However, moving your fragile and expensive home decor items can cause you a lot of stress, huge amount of loss, and heartbreak if they get damaged during relocation. To avoid such a situation, you can simply rely on professional packers and movers having years of experience in packing, moving, and handling your delicate home decor.

So, the next time you plan to relocate to a new city in India, make sure you look for good Movers packers in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Gurgaon, or any other city you may belong to.

Once you pass on your packing moving responsibilities to the relocation experts, you can spend your available time on planning your house decoration and design. Although it’s not necessary to overspend to turn your dwelling into magazine-like luxurious spaces, you can decorate your house elegantly within  your set budget by following these tips:

  1. Color the walls to brighten up the interiors:

Discovered that the newly shifted house doesn’t receive adequate sunlight? To overcome this issue, paint the walls in light hues with a white ceiling to make the rooms appear bright.

Choose to stay minimalistic with single-colored walls. However, avoid dull colors as they make the room gloomy. Do stick wallpapers to avoid crossing the budget.

Use funky, bold-colored paint or patterned designs on one wall to make a statement. But remember to leave the rest of the three walls plain as overusing such vivid colors or patterns ends up looking tacky. The same rule applies to printed wallpapers too.

Using a mirror to reflect the light across the room, also does the trick! Fix at least one mirror adjacent to the window, inside each room to facilitate better reflection of the sunrays.

  • Transform extra space into a room:

Got extra space in any corner? Use folding screens to divide the open space into an extra room. Even suspending bold-colored, long, sheer or opaque velvet curtains from the ceiling allows partitioning. Anchoring a bookshelf perpendicular to the wall too acts as a movable room-divider.

  • Beat the claustrophobia by creating a spacious look:

Learned that the new house is too small after moving in? Create an illusion of a large space using light and neutral tones like beige or gray. In case of two tiny rooms situated adjacent to each other, color them with the same color to make them look larger.

When the ceiling is too low, color it white for a less claustrophobic appearance. Also, suspend long curtains with vertical stripes, above the window-level to elongate the walls visually. Hanging pictures up to the ceiling-level also creates the illusion of a high ceiling.

Always keep the furniture an inch away from the walls to permit the flow of breeze within the room. This trick makes the room seem bigger, airy and breathable to combat suffocation.

  • Furniture rearrangement:

Rearranging the furniture after relocating to a new home makes a huge difference. Besides giving your home an all-fresh, new look, rearrangement of furniture frees up space and makes the room spacious. Experimenting with different furniture placements transforms the look of your house effectively without spending a penny!

  • Spread rugs under the feet of furniture:

A modern house is always incomplete without plush rugs in every room! Lay down a hairy, striking solid colored or vividly patterned rug in your living area to spice up its look. Placing a comfy rug right in front of the bed in the bedroom raises its luxury level. However, choosing a smaller rug makes everything look awkward.

  • Raise the curtains to raise the appeal of your home:

Indeed, the upholstery plays a key role when it comes to home decoration on a low budget, although an elegant, uncurtained window is better than the one with ugly drapes. So, make it a point to get rid of the archaic heavy upholstery.

Bring home full-length, sheer, pastel-hued drapes for a fade-resistant classy view. Furthermore, you can sew your very own curtains using an old, plain saree or dupatta. Try selecting lightweight fabrics like linen, cotton, soft net or silk as they let the sunlight in.

  • Create an art gallery wall:

Unleash your creative side by painting on a canvas and showcase your artworks on the wall.

A single extra-large painting, portrait, or poster on the wall of a small room is sufficient to grab attention. Likewise, you can group multiple smaller artworks or pictures onto the art gallery too.

However, your gallery wall doesn’t have to be limited just to the display of a collection of images. Feature printed plates, wall hangings or fairy lights on the wall of focus. Further, there’s also an eco-friendly option of wall-mounted plants available.

  • Renovate the junk creatively:

Found some wooden or metal junk while decluttering your belongings? Renovate them into an absolutely new and functional item.

  • Upgrade old doors, window frames, and plywood planks into folding screen partitions and bookshelves or a DIY shelf using drawers.
  • Utilize old vases, empty bottles and other crockery as candle holders, pen holders, showpieces, mini plant pots or flower vases. Try embellishing them for a magical transformation.
  • Repurpose discarded window frames or mirror frame to frame your sketches, paintings, and family portraits. Either decorate them with colorful knick-knacks or paint them.
  • Simply glue some colorful yarn or sparkles on the boring lampshades.

With these DIY hacks of home decoration, you are all set to level up the decor of your house. These tips come in handy especially when you are planning to relocate to a different place. But, packing and moving by yourself is a tiring process. So, you must hire low budget packers and movers to help you out.

Though packing and moving services get half the job done by packing, transporting, and delivering heavy furniture, the final finishing touch of arranging them properly remains your duty. Follow these budget-friendly home decor hacks and give your home a stylish look minus extra expenditure.


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