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Charitable Ways to Protect the Environment


If you are desperate to protect the environment and ensure that the world is still here for the next generations to enjoy, you might often think about the charitable ways you can do this. Then, here are some of the top charitable steps that you can take toward looking after the environment by the end of 2022.

1.   Adopt an Animal

If you are looking to care for the environment in a small way, you should consider adopting an animal. There are many adoption packs around that are tailored toward helping wild animals and the habitats that they live in to thrive. This can have a knock-on effect on the environment that surrounds them and will ensure that it is preserved for both the animals and the humans that co-exist with them. Then, you should look into adopting animals in 2023 or even giving an animal adoption as a holiday gift this year. Most organisations will even allow you to pick from a large array of beloved animals that need your support. This is a great way to ensure that at least a few of your pounds every month go towards helping an animal in need.

2.   Find Environment-Focused Charities

There are many charities and non-profits around that are entirely focused on helping the environment and on stemming the eco-crisis that is currently developing and worsening. Then, you should consider donating to these charities or even volunteering at them yourself if you are passionate about their cause. If you run a business, you might even consider hiring one of the charity’s speakers to talk at an event. However, before you donate to any old charity, it is vital that you do a lot of research into the type of work that they do and their mission. This will allow you to find a charity whose values align with your own and will allow you to check exactly where your money will be going and what you are supporting.

3.   Look at Charity’s Environmental Statement

When donating to charities that are not eco-focused, you should still keep the environment in mind and check their environmental statement. This will ensure that you only support charities who keep the environment at the forefront of their minds and campaigns and will mean that your money never goes to practices that end up harming the environment. Then, you should find out exactly what each charity is doing for the environment, whether recycling or cutting down on the energy they use in their offices and buildings.

4.   Do Sponsored Eco-Friendly Activities

You should also consider the merits of performing eco-friendly activities in exchange for sponsorships from friends and relatives or simply to raise money for certain charities. For instance, you might decide to turn the lights off in your house for a day or two, or you might consider going on a litter-picking or recycling quest that can encourage you to do your bit for the environment. You can then donate the money that you have raised to an environmental charity.


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