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Solar Panels and Birds

Solar panels on house roof

Solar panels are made up of radiant energy layers. The light from the sun hits the layers and thereby generates power in form of electricity. Solar panels are the cheapest form of electricity and their cost is low. They can be used to light homes and commercial buildings.

Pigeons Proofing in Solar Panels

There are many disadvantages when birds build their nest in solar panels, especially birds like pigeons. Pigeon proofing in solar panels can cause damage to the solar panels and can be expensive to repair.

If the pigeon nest under the panels, it can cause health complications for the people around them. Pigeons carry parasites and bacteria that are harmful to oneself.

Pigeon nests can also cause less working efficiency. The vegetation and objects used to build their nest get caught up in the solar panel wires. This cuts the normal working rate of the panels by reducing the electricity transferred by them.

Pigeon droppings are corrosive to solar panels. This will decrease the panel’s effectiveness and performance.

Importance of Bird Proofing your Solar Panels

The importance of bird proofing in solar panels is to increase the durability of the solar panels and avoid too much expense for repairs.

The protective barriers built around the solar panels will help prevent the birds and other pests from getting in.

The spikes used in creating the barriers are thick, discouraging the birds from entering and too strong for birds to destroy.

Birds tend to carry anything into the solar panels hence dirtying their surroundings. By bird-proofing solar panels, it creates a clean and less messy environment.

Bird proofing solar panels prevent irreversible damage to the solar panels.

Birds that rest on the panels scratch the panels thus destroying them in time. This also creates holes that leak water into the solar panels. The water will damage the panels making the electricity passed through it to be insufficient.

During harsh weather and rainy seasons, the pigeons will seek shelter under the solar panels. Pigeons tend to stay as many as possible in one place. This will cause the cables and wires to cut, reducing the solar panels’ efficiency.

How to Get Rid of Birds Around the Solar Panels

The most essential way of getting rid of them is by building roof spikes and installing them on the roof to keep them away from solar panels.

Keeping the garden and the compound clean away from debris discourages them from finding somewhere to build their nest and will keep them away from getting objects and grass into the panels. Also, cleaning the spaces near the solar panels prevents litter from being caught up in the panel wires and the birds find food sources to live on.

The solar panels provide warmth which is a good environment for the birds to inhabit and make it a home for them. To prevent this, always treat the solar panels regularly.

Creating scary pigeon predators will scare away the pigeons and other birds from seeking shelter in the solar panels.

Utilize bird-deterrent paint to make the panels less attractive to birds.


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