What to Look for when buying a new pressure washer?


    Buying a machine can be intimidating if you don’t have thorough knowledge about its essential features and their relative functions. This statement holds its worth when you want to buy a pressurewasher.

    There are numerous pressure washer versions available in the market. Some are energy-efficient whilst others tend to be a budget-friendly solution or some come with a bulky appearance and louder operating sound whereas others are super-quiet and are compact and portable in size.

    Therefore whenever you want to buy a pressure washer for your specific cleaning applications, you must take into consideration the proper usage of the machine to deliver the best results.

    Here in this sample, you will get to know what to look for when buying a new pressure washer.

    Let’s dive into it:

    Gas vs electric: which pressure is the better?

    Both types of water pressure come with their advantages and disadvantages. For domestic cleaning jobs, an electric pressure washer is a go-to choice. But if you want to clean industrial tasks, then a gas pressure washer tends to be a better choice. Since it is much more powerful and does the cleaning in much lesser time.

    For quieter cleaning tasks, electric pressure washers will go the best since they create less noise as compared to a gasoline counterpart.

    Hot vs cold: the better choice?

    Pressure washers either use cold or hot water for cleaning. Hot water pressures can deal with tough stains and greasy surfaces better when compared with a cold water pressure washer.

    Hot water pressure also requires less amount of detergent to remove dirt and grime. For domestic tasks, cold water pressure is the better option to go for. But for professional use, you must look for buying a hot water pressure washer.

    Power ratings:

    You must consider the power rating of your pressure washer. Again, for what cleaning task, you want to buy a pressure washer will determine which is a suitable power rating for your cleaning needs.

    The water pressure is measured in PSI (pounds per square). The electric units with 1500-2000 PSI are better to invest in if you want to clean your patios and exterior walls of your homes.

    On the other hand, industrial washers can produce a pressure of more than 3000PSI. For cleaning mining machinery, a gas pressure washer with a PSI lies in between 3500-5000 will serve the said task.


    Portability is another great feature to look for when buying a new pressure washer. A pressure washer that has efficient wheels to move around can make your cleaning job to a level of perfection.

    Thankfully you can get the best portable pressure washer, in electric or gasoline version for your both interior and exterior cleaning jobs.


    A washer backed up by a warranty life is the best value for money. Some units offer a one-year warranty while there are pressure washers with a 3-5 year warranty. A warranty that covers the engine and pump will save you a lot from trouble.


    We hope that by far you would have known what to look for when buying a new pressure washer. A pressure washer that offers great efficiency, portability, and durability will make your cleaning job to the next level of perfection.


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