6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Resume Service


    Are you considering hiring a resume service to write your resume but do not know where to start? If you’re a little skeptical about a resume service and are still deciding whether or not you should hire someone, keep reading for six questions to ask yourself before choosing a professional resume service.

    It’s 2021, is it worth it hiring a resume service?

    If you’ve never written a resume before, then the answer is definitely yes. Resume services offer high-quality work for the price that you’re paying. Since their experience speaks for them, they also know how to write a resume that meets the hiring manager’s quality.

    Even though it’s 2020, having a resume that doesn’t represent you or your skills to get you that job is not a good thing. After all, we want that resume to work for us to get that job we want.

    How much is the cost?

    The cost of a resume service varies from service to service, and it also depends on your budget since hiring a resume service is an investment. Resumes are the first thing that a hiring manager sees, aside from the cover letter, if it’s required.

    Once you get the job, a resume literally pays for itself several times over while you’re employed. So, the initial investment you might make at the beginning of your journey will be a minimal amount in the long run. So should the cost really matter if that resume lands you that job?

    How do I know that the quality is going to be there?

    Many places you reach out to will definitely have a rating and have reviews about the resume service. Do your research before deciding what service you want to hire to help you with yours.

    Going with the first resume service you find might not be the smartest idea, but once you do the research and find that perfect service for you, you can expect quality returned. You can always ask questions to the service that will be handling your resume so that you can have that peace of mind that you’re getting what you paid for.

    What type of resumes do you write?

    With every job that you’re applying to, the resume is different. A nursing resume isn’t the same as a journalism resume. They are two different resumes that require different things. Typically, a resume service should be well rounded. Still, if there is a service that only focuses on one type of resume writing, that information should be available under the services they offer.

    In the rare case that they don’t mention that information, shooting them a quick email should get you out of that doubt.

    Why am I not getting interviews?

    There are many reasons why you aren’t getting interviews. Maybe you don’t fit the company description they’re looking for, or your resume didn’t catch their eye. A good majority of why a resume goes unread or into the trash is because it didn’t catch the hiring manager’s eye.

    Resumes are unique in the way that they can’t be recreated for someone else. Everyone is unique, and like that person, it has to catch the hiring manager’s eye. If the resume was written by you, then there is the possibility that you may have left out some important details about yourself that may have swayed the hiring manager into calling you back.

    Won’t templates work just as well?

    While templates may be freebies given in blog posts or when you enter your email address to a website you don’t even recognize, hundreds if not thousands of people are using the same template. While it does the job of telling you where to put certain information, it also doesn’t do you any favors when making you stand out from the crowd.

    This is where a resume service comes into play. They can take all of the necessary information to make your resume stand out and pop. After all, the whole point of the resume is to catch the hiring manager’s eye so that they do give you that call back that you’re hoping for.

    Are we a correct fit?

    When trying to find the perfect service for you, having a quick call with the resume service is important before locking in the contract. It’s also not uncommon to request a call with a service to see if they’re a good candidate for the job. You see, this practice happens all of the time with companies when they interview you for a position.

    At the end of the day, hiring a resume service is a decision that only you can make, and if you decide to continue with one, it’ll be the best decision you’ve made in your career. After all, there’s a greater possibility that you get hired for that job.


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