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Why it’s important to look after your roof (and how to do it)


It’s often said that you should be thankful for the roof over your head. They keep your family warm and dry and protect what is likely to be your largest asset and investment – your property. But many homeowners don’t think about roof maintenance until it’s too late.

Climate change is already causing the UK to experience more extreme weather patterns and events. Rising temperatures combined with extreme downpours mean well-maintained properties will be even more important in years to come.

Below we explore the key reasons to take care of your roof, then offer simple tips on how to do just that.   

Why should you take care of your roof?

You’ll increase its lifespan

Continuously monitoring your roof’s condition will help you spot minor issues before they grow into bigger problems that can no longer be put right. Increasing your roof’s lifespan can benefit the environment too by keeping it from heading to landfill.

You’ll save money in the long run

Your roof is likely to be one of the most expensive components of your property – and major repairs don’t come cheap either. You won’t have time to shop around for a low price if you suddenly suffer a leak, but taking care of it will reduce the chances of a scary repair bill.

You’ll boost your property’s kerb appeal

A roof with obvious defects will be a red flag to anyone viewing your property should you decide to sell up and move. This can be as much due to aesthetics as it is to the potential cost and inconvenience of carrying out a renovation.

Key roof maintenance tips

Inspect it regularly

It may sound obvious, but the best way to spot damage is to look for it. Check your roof inside and out at least twice a year for tell-tale signs such as missing tiles, light shining through or rotting wood.

Repair damage as soon as you spot it

It should also go without saying that if you do discover damage, you’ll want to repair it as quickly as possible before the problem becomes more serious. Opting for a roof membrane system over traditional roofing methods can make damage easier to pinpoint and repair.

Keep your roof clean

Cleaning your roof is important for the kerb appeal we mentioned above, but also for removing moss and other potentially damaging issues. Moss holds water and so, if left undisturbed, could increase your chances of springing a leak.

Maintain your gutters

Gutters can easily become clogged with leaves, moss and other dirt that blocks water from flowing down them as intended. Over time a build of water could soak and even rot parts of your roof, so clearing your gutters is crucial.

The British weather is famously changeable. Take the steps above to maintain your roof and keep your property dry from season to season.


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