Three Reasons to Become a Locum Pharmacy Dispenser


    Feeling underappreciated and fancy a change of scenery? Why not use your skills to begin an exciting new phase of your career? Not only can you increase your salary substantially, but you can also pick and choose your hourly patterns to suit your lifestyle.

    If you’re interested in the freedom that comes with being a locum worker in the field of pharmacy dispensing, look no further than these three positive reasons that might just encourage you to take that leap of faith.

    Change of Scenery and New Colleagues

    A great perk of locum working is that you are never in the same environment permanently. Whether you prefer community dispensing, hospital dispensing, or care home dispensing; it can be almost guaranteed that you will come across your perfect workplace as a locum.

    The ever-changing scenery and colleagues also make for an interesting working week. Meeting new faces (or more familiar ones once you’ve freelanced for a while!) gives you the opportunity to get to know a variety of people and places that you may not otherwise have come across. Working in this way also prevents a stagnant workplace, meaning a far smaller chance that it becomes a toxic or boring place to be.

    More Money

    One of the biggest benefits of becoming a locum pharmacy dispenser is the potential increase in pay. As a self-employed dispenser, it is your prerogative to set your own hourly rate at what you feel you deserve to earn.

    Employed dispensers tend to make less than their locum counterparts (as is the case in most fields) because, as a locum, you are not guaranteed work, and you are also covering the time, labour and admin it takes to find business for yourself.

    In addition, using sites like Workflare to find locum work can also reduce the time-consuming process of looking for business while still allowing you to charge at a premium rate for your services. A brilliant perk of setting more per hour may also mean you can reduce the number of hours you work in general whilst still maintaining the same wage.

    Choose Your Own Shift Pattern

    Another vast improvement with locum dispensing is that you can pick and choose the shift patterns that suit your lifestyle and circumstances. Using a service like the one mentioned above that has a huge array of organisations and shifts to choose from means that there will always be work that can happily co-exist with your other commitments, such as caring for children or elderly relatives.

    What’s more, studies have shown that people are programmed differently and thus work more productively at different times of the day or week. While a night owl may be perfectly happy with the graveyard shift at a hospital, a morning lark would far rather be finished and at home by early evening. Thankfully due to the nature of pharmacy dispensing and the wide variety of environments in which it exists, there will always be hours that suit the individual’s needs perfectly – and you can take advantage of that by selecting a shift schedule that suits you best.


    Above are only three of the major reasons why becoming a locum pharmacy dispenser may make the most sense for your personal situation. Overall, having more autonomy over your working life has proven benefits, such as decreased stress levels, more productivity, better pay and a greater balance between home and work in general.


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