5 Advantages of Clean Solar Panels


    Green and sustainable renewable energy has become an import feature for homeowners and businesses today. Investing in solar panels is one such decision you can make. Maintenance through regular cleaning services from a reliable brand such as BAM Commercial Window Cleaning has undeniable benefits, which you should always look forward to once you buy your panels. Since solar panels are placed on outside space, regular cleaning will be required to prevent the buildup of dirt and debris over time.

    A DIY may not be the best idea for you, and hence choosing a professional cleaning company assures you of value for your money. They have the right set of tools and staff pool to do the job for you will you worry about other issues.

    What are some of the advantages of a clean solar panel? They include the following five:

    1. Increase energy generation

    Solar panels rely on the sun’s rays to generate clean energy. Any form of a hindrance to them would mean less solar energy production, which you never have to worry about if cleaned regularly. Dirt, debris such as dust and poop from birds, are common forms of buildups that may occur on them. Once you have your solar panels cleaned professionally, you are assured of maximum green energy production since the sun’s ray land on it with no blocking matter. If your board has dust accumulated over time, you will notice a drop in energy production, which could mean using an alternative source that may be expensive for you.

    2. Extended life of your investment

    Another advantage of clean solar panels is the fact that they remain durable. Buying solar panels is relatively expensive, whether big or small, therefore, maintenance will be required. Cleaning ensures there is no need to purchase or repair your panel due to dirt accumulation defects. While cleaning your panels, remember safe practices in cleaning not to damage it. Do not use pressure washing as an option for the panels are fragile and may break due to high-jetting power.

    3. Benefit from warranties

    Once you purchase your solar panel, you will be issued a warranty for a stipulated time duration. The warranty has a clause that states there has to be proof of maintenance and regular cleaning to benefit from services attached in case of anything. Therefore, if you do not maintain your panels clean over time, you may not warrant any benefits such as repairs or replacement of parts. Therefore, cleaning is important for any solar panel, whether small or large because manufacturing and vendor companies have a strict policy on claims on the warranty.

    4. Prevent permanent staining

    Stains can be quite depriving of your solar panels and a stumbling block to its overall performance. Therefore, you must have your panels cleaned using the right friendly solutions and equipment to prevent any of them. Permanent stains also derail your panel’s durability, which means you may have to replace it over time if you are not careful. They lead to less power production, which is certainly not what you want when investing in this cost-saving source of energy. Stains also make your solar panels look not attractive, which can be quite disturbing given that some are installed on the roof or lawn area.

    5. Rain may not do the job

    Waiting for the rain to do the job for you may not be the best idea. Solar panel stains such as poop may be hard to remove by rain and hence to clean inevitable. A clean solar panel prevents the buildup of dirt both beneath it and on the upper surface and lets you enjoy maximum energy production. While thinking about the rain as your safe pass to cleaning the solar panel, remember there are also other parts of it apart from the glass. A cleaning company with the knowledge on how to clean solar panels assures you of professional cleaning, and no issue may arise after cleaning. Therefore, they will save you the hassle of keeping on stressing when it will rain and have your panel clean.

    Wrap up

    Solar systems are energy-saving and produce environmentally friendly renewable energy. Investing in a cleaning company would mean quality energy production and lots of dollars saved in electrical utility. The undeniable benefits of cleaning your solar panels are, therefore, worth your money, and investing in a reliable and professional brand should be a crucial decision you should make.


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