Bail agents make the process of bail posting easier and comfortable for arrested persons


    Posting bail or furnishing bail bonds is the only way to ensure a person’s release soon after arrest. The court does not mind releasing the person against bail or bond, which serves as financial security for the court and a deterrent for the person charged with some crime. The court accepts the bail with the understanding that the person will appear in court on the specified date later. When posting bail by paying cash, it is vital to ensure that the money is legal. Since bail amounts can be quite high in many serious cases and arranging cash quickly is not easy, it is an alternative way to furnish bail bonds with help from Castle bail bonds Montgomery county.  There are chances of the court refusing bail if it is suspicious about ill-gotten money.

    What are bail bonds?

    Paying cash for posting bail is not always feasible, especially for a high amount, and instead, furnishing bail bonds can serve the purpose. It relieves the arrested person from the burden of proving the legality of cash used for posting bail. The bail bond agent charges only 10% of the bail amount to post bail on behalf of the arrested person, and if the bail amount is high, the person must furnish some security for the balance amount.

    The bail agent is like an insurance agent as they assess the risk of the person to work out the fees chargeable and stands guarantee for the person to assure the court about his or her timely court appearance later. Suppose the arrested person has respectable social standing. In that case, the bail bondsman might accept payment of less than 10% as it can happen if the accused is a lawyer or a government official.

    The process of furnishing bail bond

    Look for a trustworthy bail bond agent who can explain the process to you so that you can set your expectations accordingly. Although it is a complex and lengthy process, the bail agent can make things easy for you. Once you share the arrested person’s details with the agent, the agent will extract all information related to the case by doing some quick research and tapping the right channels of information. The bail agent will collect all details like the booking number, court date, the bond amount, and other charges. However, the agent will go through a pre-qualification process of the person if it involves cash payment. The final cost depends on the down payment, collateral, and if co-signers are necessary.


    The bond agent is open to all kinds of payment from cash to card payments as well as direct online transfer of funds, and soon on receiving the payment; the bail agent will initiate the bail posting process.  Depending on the day of business, the process can take several hours to complete but only happens within the day.

    Whether you post bail or bond, the agent can expedite the process to ensure the arrested person’s speedy release.  Respecting the bail conditions and appearing in court on the specified date will help to get back the money paid for bail.


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