Fun Things To Do For Your Trip To Glasgow


    So you are looking to spend some time in Glasgow, and you’re not sure what to do when you are there? Don’t worry! We have you covered with the need to know for visiting Glasgow.

    There’s so much to do in Glasgow, including many fun and interesting activities you might never have thought about doing before. So let’s make that trip to Glasgow a memorable one!

    Visiting Tennent Caledonian Breweries

    One of the best ways to enjoy your visit to Glasgow is by visiting one of Scotland’s most popular brewers. At their tours, you can learn how they craft their nation’s famous lager that has won the hearts of the Scottish people. The brewery can be found at the historic Wellpark Brewery in Glasgow; just East of the city centre.

    After you finish learning about the iconic ‘Red T’ you will be rewarded with a nice cold glass of their very best or a Tennent’s light if you look for something a little less strong.

    This is definitely something to put on your to-do list when visiting Glasgow.

    Take A Gander Down Ashton Lane

    Ashton Lane is famous among Glaswegians, and is located in the heart of Glasgow’s West End. It is famous for being a very aesthetically pleasing and quaint cobbled backstreet packing to the brim with pubs, restaurants and even its own licensed cinema!

    It is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike with many seeing this area as Glasgow’s equivalent of Dublin’s Temple Bar or Edinburgh’s Rose Street.

    A great place to blow off steam and enjoy a pint (or a few).

    The Stand Comedy Club

    If you are wanting to understand and see the best of Glasgow’s sense of humour, you should head over to The Stand Comedy Club; also located in Glasgow’ West End.

    This place has earned its place in Scottish stand-up history and has seen many great comedians kick start their career; from Clydebank’s own Kevin Bridges to household names like Frankie Boyle.

    It is a wonderful place to go if comedy is your thing. Be sure to get yourself down there and see the comedy stars of tomorrow and enjoy their open mic nights!

    Kelvingrove Art Gallery

    Another entry from the West End of Glasgow is the Kelvingrove Art Gallery. It stands as one of the most visited museums in Scotland, with its vast collection and free entry! Perfect if you are on a budget.

    Whatsmore, the galleries are a common gathering ground for the Glasgow skateboarding scene – it is not uncommon to see street skateboarders doing their thing at the gallery’s plazas.

    But having such a striking piece of architecture (even if it is backwards) with some truly wonderful art is not something to miss. The gallery has a focus on Scottish colourists and French impressionism among other things. Not to mention the ancient artifacts of long gone eras.

    There’s even a Spitfire fighter plane suspended from the ceiling, above stuffed animals including old favourite Sir Roger the elephant.

    In Conclusion

    Glasgow is a wonderful place to visit with many points of interest to check out. But be sure to go exploring, as there are many more places to visit than what’s on this list.


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