Pens with logo and other low budget promotion ideas for new businesses


    We’ve all heard stories of giant companies spending millions on elaborate marketing campaigns to get them noticed. If you’re a new business, the idea of splashing out a small fortune on promotion might fill you with sheer panic; after all, how will you reach new customers if you don’t aggressively promote your company? Don’t worry: these ideas will help you come up with the perfect low budget promotion plan for your new business!

    Check out things happening locally

    First of all, see what is happening in your local community. Sponsoring events such as local football tournaments or community fairs are usually relatively inexpensive but can be very well attended. What’s more, people want to support local businesses, and so reaching out within your local area is often met with a warm audience who are keen to support a local company.

    At key points in the year such as Christmas or spring, look out for seasonal fairs or even trade shows where you could exhibit. Expand on these great networking opportunities by having a stock of promotional items such as branded pens at hand ready to give out. Promotional products such as pens, are far more effective than business cards, which tend to get thrown away or lost. People don’t throw away useful items such as pens, and they will be reminded of your brand each time they jot down their shopping list! You can get them here, as well as various other useful promotional items. 

    Ask for reviews

    Reviews from past customers are a reliable, cost-effective way of growing your business. Clients rely on positive feedback and see it as authentic and trustworthy. The more you have, the more reliable your profile appears. Think about it – when you are considering whether it’s worth going out of your way to try out a new local cafe, you take into account the previous experiences of other people. If the cafe’s social media profile has several excellent reviews, you are more likely to make a detour and try it for yourself! 

    The tricky part can be asking a client to post a review in the first place – it can feel awkward and intrusive. This hurdle can be overcome by attaching a link to your social media profile or asking customers via email to post a Google review. To offer an extra incentive, consider giving them a percentage discount off future purchases. 

    Collaborate with an influencer

    Having your company endorsed by an influencer is a powerful way to attract business. Many people are much more likely to part with their money, if they see someone they trust and admire validating the product. It needn’t be someone with millions of followers, either; there are plenty of much smaller influencers out there, who have an active and engaged follower-base. They might be just what your business is looking for – especially if they have a link to the industry you work in. Don’t be afraid to ask, and offer them a free sample in return for a product review. 

    Run giveaways

    Giving away your prized product or service for free might not sound like the best way to make money, but if what you create is worth paying for, then customers will be happy to come back and spend money in the future! Giving away free – or heavily discounted – samples or promotional products is also an effective way of sparking conversations. If people like something, they will tell their friends about it! 

    Spreading the word about your fledgling business requires creativity and persistence, but with a little imagination, you will soon have people talking about your brand, and buying your products!


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