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Common mistakes to avoid in your study abroad journey


It is very important to learn and manage the different situations that life can put on you. Many students have learned this attitude from their initial schooling only. Life is a difficult exam and we all get the different kinds of tests that we have to clear. We all have some dreams in our minds that we need to fulfill and for that, we have to make sincere efforts. It is very important to have a strong base from the beginning to have a better understanding of things in the future. That is why the best education plays the most significant role in everyone’s life.

It makes us independent to take various decisions in our life that we were unable to take without the right education. But to be that much able you have to choose the best study options for yourself. Many students are having the dream of studying abroad to experience a whole unique vibe. There are so many decisions that we have to make once we decide to fly abroad for study. From booking a shared apartment to choose the best institution the process goes on. Choosing accommodation is considered as one of the difficult tasks because there are so many factors that can affect it. 

It will take your time to select the most prominent studio for your living. While making so many decisions regarding this, we commit so many mistakes. Those mistakes are becoming so common that every student who plans to go abroad usually commits them. But we need to learn from that mistakes and must make some efforts to not to repeat them. Some of the common mistakes that students commit before finalizing their abroad journey are as follows:

  • The mistake in selecting college or university: The students commit so many mistakes while they choose the college or the university n which they want to study. They are not aware of all the options available to them and they are just following the old methods to choose the college or university. It is always advisable to make proper research on the options available in colleges and universities so that you can make the best decision. Choosing anything with half knowledge can be dangerous. 
  • Mistakes in choosing accommodation options: We all know that various options in accommodation are available for the students who want to study abroad. They can choose student housing Bristol or can go for the en-suite if they want. Not only are these, but the option in on-campus accommodation and off-campus accommodation also available for the students. The common mistake that students commit in this is that they did not make any search regarding the rent, options, facilities, agreement, etc. They are not even aware of an online platform to book their accommodation option. They can prefer choosing an online booking website to book their accommodation rather than booking after landing. Not only this, but the students also make mistake in choosing the wrong option as they can choose shared en-suite to share the expenditure of the accommodation with the other person, and so on. 
  • Underestimating the paperwork: If you think that with only money or tickets you can fly to your dream destination for study then you are wrong. There is a proper procedure that students need to undertake before they finally fly. There is a lot of paperwork involved in all this process. Many students did not take this process seriously and then end up regretting for the same. You must consider each and every step of the paperwork as a serious one and leave no chance for any kind of mistake. You can hire overseas education consultants who can guide you in the entire process of applying for a visa, college, etc. 
  • Choosing wrong courses: Not only this, but many students also commit mistakes while choosing their subjects. They just go with the flow and forget about their own interest. They take consultants very seriously and then regret it. But it is always advisable to choose the courses in which you are having interest and curiosity because only then you will be able to clear them. So, take the proper time to choose the right course. 
  • Booking air tickets on time: There are some people who like to book the tickets at the very last minute and they have to face the consequences for the same. It is always better to book your air tickets in advance as soon as you get the approval of everything. The earlier you book, the better the price you will get for the tickets. So, you must avoid this mistake of booking at the last minute and try to book in advance. 
  • Relying on the dealer for booking accommodation: Still, many of us have not come out of the old practices and still follow them. We still believe on whatever the concerned dealer said. It is advisable to choose an online platform to book a dual occupancy studio or any other type of accommodation option like private halls of residence. You will get better prices, deals, offers, facilities, clarity in everything when you choose an online platform. Depending on someone to book the right accommodation is not right when you can make your independent decisions. You cannot believe on words and this is a rule that you have to remember. 
  • Taking entrance exams lightly: Many of the students take the various entrance exams or the other exams lightly due to which they have to face rejections they think that they can easily clear them but in reality fails in them. Proper preparation is important to clear the different examinations. You also have to keep in mind the details of the various scholarship tests that can bring financial benefits to you. 

So, these are the following mistakes that the majority of the students commit and you have to avoid all these common mistakes to have a better experience abroad. Keep all these points in your mind when you start preparing for your abroad journey so that you can’t miss any of them. 


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