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Automatic selection of analogs for electrolytic capacitors using the example of WCAP-AS5H Würth and EEE-TC Panasonic


Manual selection of a substitute for a missing part takes an irrational amount of time. This is because there are so many things to compare, ranging from overall dimensions to operating temperatures and ESR at operating frequency. The SourcingBot resource allows you to automatically display the characteristics of all possible analogues in a comparison table. Analytical algorithms automatically compare any part from the list with the original one. You will see the percentage of matches and cases in which you can use the selected model instead of the desired one.

Selection of analogs for electrolytic capacitors

To select a similar electrolytic capacitor model, many parameters must be compared. Among them are:

• The size of the seat;

• Voltage;

• Capacity;

• Service life at operating temperature;

• ESR;

• Ripple current.

In addition, you need to know the performance of each part you want to use at the operating point of the device. Most brands either do not publish this information at all in the catalog, or they place it in huge manuals with complex navigation.

We will describe in more detail the process of comparing two models of surface mount capacitors:

1. Long-life electrolytic capacitors WCAP-AS5H Würth;

2. Panasonic EEE-TC high-temperature reflow electrolytic capacitors.

In this case, we should find the following data: 220 μF, 25 V with a 20% tolerance, PCB size 10.3 * 10.3 mm. The significant difference lies in the operating temperature ranges. Würth is rated for -40 to 105 ֯C, and Panasonic is rated for -40 to 125 ֯C.

SourcingBot selects analogs and reduces the risk of error to zero

It took a lot of time to compare just two parts, since it was necessary to read all the characteristics of each model on the manufacturer’s website. But more importantly, the specialist conducting the analysis already knew or was additionally looking for the name of the analogue model. The SourcingBot service helps to reduce time costs from several hours to several seconds. All the most popular high-rated parts have already been loaded into the program database. You just need to enter the name of the original model in the search box and the system will display about 50 analogs. They will be ranked according to the degree of compatibility from highest to lowest.

In addition to the technical characteristics, SourcingBot contains the results of laboratory tests. You also don’t need to analyze them yourself. If you are interested in a particular model, click the “Compare” button and the system will display the percentage of matches based on brand research.


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