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Learning Crypto Trading via Trading Simulators


Taking into account the recent trends in the world of finance it’s clear that virtual currencies are here to stay. They have brought a new meaning to currency as we know it and that meaning is here to stay. Also, they bring in a lot of benefits that fiat currencies don’t.

For example, crypto users enjoy full ownership of their assets and no third party can access them. They also remain anonymous during transactions which gives them an added layer of security. The profit potential is usually the main reason why people are looking to become crypto traders.

They can do so after they’ve learned how to trade. Naturally, there’s nothing stopping them from registering at an online exchange and buying and selling assets. But that will make you make a lot of mistakes as you’ll learn by trial and error. The alternative is going for a trading simulator platform that will teach you how to trade.

These apps will feature popular virtual currencies and some of them will feature new currencies as well. They’ll also differ in what they choose to teach their users. In that regard, here are some of those apps:

Spark Profit

This is a tough trading simulator because it teaches you about going long or short on a position. It covers Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin and your job in the game is to try to predict their position. If you do it right you’ll earn points and profit. On the other hand, you’ll lose profit. It’s a crucial skill for crypto trading which makes this app a useful one. But you don’t need to learn this prediction skill or anything else related to trading to enjoy the profit potential of crypto trading. Instead, you can go for a trading platform like Bitcoin Digital and you can click here to find out more about it.

The platform will trade in your stead but only after you’ll learn about its settings and adjust them correctly. This means you’ll need to create an account with the platform and make sure to make a small deposit so you’ll have some money to trade with. Then it’s time for the tutorials and fiddling with the demo account as you figure them out. When you’re familiar with the platform then you can go for the live session and afterward you’ll be able to experiment with the platform and see what it has to offer.


Unlike Spark Profit, this is a game that takes a simpler approach to things as it teaches players how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. CoinMarketGame covers all the popular virtual currencies and gives players a virtual market to practice their trading skills. It also comes with virtual money they can use. In short, it’s a simulator that focuses on the essentials of trading so if you’re looking to learn them you’ll need to get this game. After spending some time with it then you can confidently join an exchange and reap the benefits by using your learned skills.


This is a unique simulator because it offers both popular and new virtual currencies for players to trade with. In addition, there are multiple skills you’ll be able to learn with this app and you’ll have a badge for every new skill you learn. Once you get to the verified status then you’ll be able to call yourself a competent trader and enjoy the perks of your skills.


With your newly acquired skills you can confidently enter the crypto trading exchanges, just make sure to find the right ones first. Also, there are many cryptocurrencies available in exchanges so make sure to find the ones you’ll stick to. The right wallet will make all the difference and so will adjusting to the highs and lows of the value of your assets.


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