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Helpful Hints to Save Money Online


Even small savings will build up to make a big difference over time.

Whether you’re food shopping, bargain hunting, or playing video games, there are plenty of different ways to save money online. Our online spend has been collectively growing year on year for decades now, yet whilst we often have a good idea of how to save money in the ‘real world’, we sometimes struggle to avoid the pitfalls of internet purchases. If you know you’re prone to an Amazon wishlist binge, or wish you could ignore those 3 for 2 offers on things that you don’t really need on your grocery order, then we’re here to help.

Revamp Your Grocery Shop

First up is the supermarket shop. In the UK a recent poll by Waitrose showed that 77% of adults had done a grocery shop online last year, that’s an enormous increase in online grocery shoppers, so it’s the perfect time to get educated. Most of us already know that making a shopping list before you do the food shop is one of the best ways to save money. A list helps you to stay on track and avoid getting suckered in by supermarkets’ biggest trick, the bargain section.

One of the biggest traps that we fall into when shopping for food online is to browse through the entire deals section. 3 multipacks of biscuits for the price of 2 might seem like a good idea, but if there isn’t even a single packet of biscuits on your list, then maybe it isn’t such good value after all. Instead of shopping through the deals, decide on a meal plan for the week instead. This is particularly cost cutting if you have a large family, as we’ve written about at PAT.org before. Once you’ve got your three meals per day planned and the ingredients added to your cart, you can allow a little extra money for some treats. Shopping in this way means that you don’t end up with more than what you need and nothing gets wasted, a win-win for your wallet.

Look For Bonus Codes

If you enjoy online gaming then there are lots of different ways that you can save money. Fans of casino games will be able to find specialised offers for them on dedicated money-saving sites like Vegas Slots Online. These sites gather together all of the available bonuses for new casino users into one place, so that you can search for the ones that are the most applicable to you. If you enjoy playing slots then look out for free spins, if you prefer roulette then a deposit bonus could be more useful. Most sites offer sign-up incentives so it’s well worth looking out for them to see if you can help your playing money budget stretch a little further.

The other camp of gamers will find hunting out those kind of bonuses far less useful, but for online multiplayer there are all kinds of other money saving tricks. Instead of splashing out on new gear for your character, or expansions for your game, first have a look and see if you can find a forum that offers a very similar thing for free. Lots of gamers also happen to be creative whizzes, so there are often user-made items that you can download totally free. If you’re looking to give your game a little facelift then it’s a great way to save some cash. Do it enough times and you might be able to buy yourself a brand new base game with all the money you’ve saved.

Catch a Coupon Whenever You Can

Sales are great, but coupons give you deals that nobody else has had

Whether you’re shopping for groceries or games, there are often coupons to be had. A big benefit of shopping online is that whilst at a physical location you need to have cut out and collected coupons, on a website you just need to do a quick search to see if there are any available. Of course, if you are a really savvy shopper then you can just download a browser extension to do the searching for you. Extensions like Honey are popular as they search for applicable coupons whenever you hit the checkout button. If they find a coupon that will save you some money, you just need to click apply and your savings will appear automatically.

It isn’t just Honey that offer this service, Pouch, Coupert and Shopkick all do the same things, so if you want to make extra sure you’ve got the very best deal then download yourself an arsenal of them. They’re completely free, not very big files and will make sure that if there’s a bargain to be had, then you’re guaranteed to get it.


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