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Different Types of Games With Bitcoins and Other Cryptocurrencies


Online gaming’s popularity is rising at lightning speed and contributes an estimated $196 billion to the global economy annually. It’s set to grow a minimum of 9% year after year. Mobile gaming constitutes 40% of this growth as telecommunications are landing on more shores and previously excluded regions.

Modern-day technology is astounding. Our author here, Samuel Richardson, follows the latest trends and developments closely. He shares his passion for iGaming, online gambling, and cryptocurrencies with world audiences through his blogs regularly. 

The use of cryptocurrencies to play uk casino games is not a far-fetched concept anymore. You’ll find excellent bitcoin casino games by doing a quick online search. It’s not only just used as a method of payment to fund your casino account. The application of blockchain technologies and game-specific cryptos is a fascinating development to keep your eye on.

What Is a Bitcoin Game?

With the increase of Bitcoin users globally, many online casino and iGaming operators recognized the need, and opportunity, to capitalize on the trending market. 

A Bitcoin game can be one of three things:

  • An online game that you can only play when you pay for it with Bitcoin.
  • An online game with in-play purchases that you can only make using the developer cryptocurrency. 
  • A casino game on one of the best bitcoin casino apps which only accepts Bitcoin as payment.

Cryptos is an ever-increasing currency in various market segments, and the gaming industry didn’t stay behind. Known as one of the fastest developing and most forward-thinking initiatives, it would’ve been a strange occurrence if it did. 

Game developers integrate blockchain tech and crypto into their games in such a way that it becomes embedded as an essential tool if you want to further your game. With the use of blockchain technology, it’s not just Bitcoin doing the virtual rounds anymore as game developers capitalize on the opportunity to create developer crypto amongst affiliates.

According to Forbes, cryptos are here to stay, and even if Bitcoin hasn’t reached the predicted $1 million mark, it’s changed the way the world moves and manages funds irrevocably. Gamers drove the initial adoption of cryptocurrencies worldwide, and experts expect them to keep on driving it for the foreseeable future.

The Benefits of Cryptocurrency Gaming

Mobile and desktop cryptocurrency games in the UK are more popular because it solves particular problems developers and players deal with regularly. Online fraud and seamless financial transactions are two primary examples. Payments are more streamlined, it’s a decentralized currency, it offers more compatible cross-gaming, and players have actual ownership. 

The safety of online payments is a large part of what drives crypto payments as you’ll never have to share personal or banking information with an online community. It minimizes the risk of hackers laying claim to your earnings.

Game developers now create game-specific tokens through blockchain cryptography that you can use on various platforms. Let’s say you are playing a game and you win crypto or virtual tokens, you can use those winnings at other e-commerce sites for various in-app or retail purchases. Cross-border transactions are instant, as cryptos are entirely decentralized and virtual. Many online games are platforms through which gamers can trade crypto-assets. It’s a fun and interactive method of banking, trading, and making money.


If it all sounds like a foreign concept, don’t be concerned. There was a time when faxes and cell phones also left everybody stunned with wonder. Cryptocurrencies are simple once you’re familiar with your wallet and platform of choice. The best way to become a part of this rapidly growing online trend and community is to jump right in and start playing and trading. Some blockchain games you can enjoy are Mega Cryptopolis, EOS Knight, and Spells of Genesis.


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