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PDFBear Online Tool: From Powerpoint to PDF Real Quick


Powerpoint presentations can also be converted into a PDF file if you want. The key is finding the right website to do it for you. Converting Powerpoint presentations into PDF files helps preserve its contents and the changes you have made in the Powerpoint because PDF file formats are undeniably hard to edit compared to other file formats.

Websites converting Powerpoint files into PDF files were not that uncommon. There are already a ton of websites, free and paid, that are offering these conversions. They may be similar in having fast and speedy conversions, but PDFBear differs and is probably placed better than them. 

Conversion Above Others

PDFBear has different features that make it above others in terms of being affordable, secure, and efficient. It has an instruction guide on how to convert PPT to PDF files that are attainable in just a matter of minutes in only a few clicks. The website is user-friendly for all users, whether they are new to computer processes or not. 

It allows the user to have full control over the conversion process from start to finish. PDFBear maintains this kind of service without sacrificing the users’ security. The website is highly capable of providing its service to the customers, which, even though similar to others, makes it a strong competitor on the market. 

PDFBear boasts its overwhelming capability to process file-to-file conversion and retain the same high-level conversion processes through the years. While other websites require payments for their premium accounts and monthly subscriptions or, if free, charges its customers various unknown costs, PDFBear is entirely free, demanding no hidden fees.

PDFBear’s PPT to PDF Conversion Process

Step one of the process is to choose their desired PPT presentation file from their device to the website’s toolbox. Dragging and dropping it into the toolbox is also a preferable option if it is easier for the user. The uploading process will immediately start, and the conversion process soon after that. 

The conversion seems to comprise only three steps because the fourth step is where the user can download it on his device, among other options. Nevertheless, the website displays four stages as an instruction guide for users throughout the whole process. You can also save it on your Google Drive or Dropbox account if you wish.

It is also shareable, with the user choosing to send it directly through email after conversion. The system also generates a link for you to copy it and transmit it through messaging platforms or post it on your social media accounts like Pinterest, Reddit, and Twitter. Overall, the whole process takes only a minute at least and a few seconds at best.

Transparency and Presence

Once you open or visit PDFBear’s website, you will not be drowned by the page’s amount of information. The page has a little amount of information as possible for the users to focus on the main topic. That said, the toolbox and the guide on conversion processing are in large fonts to make it more visible to users. 

PDFBear aspires to be user-friendly as much as possible. The essential features and buttons were highlighted and put into emphasis to give that comfortable presence. Its privacy policy, FAQs, and a way to contact the servers can also be seen below the website’s page and the other PDF to and from conversions and stuff that the website can do faster. 

Assuring Compatibility and 100% Accessibility

The website can be opened and run anywhere you are as long as you have an internet connection and a stable one. PDFBear supports all major operating systems. Linux, Mac, and Windows. It is compatible with all popular platforms such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. That is why there is no need to worry about your device’s OS or platform.

Incomparable Security 

PDFBear, aside from its friendly environment and easy to navigate tools, abides with conviction to its privacy policy to protect the users’ data. It is committed to valuing customer’s trust and deletes all files on its servers after an hour of upload. This kind of security can only be experienced on PDFBear and not on other websites.


Transfer of files from one end to another can change the overall format of the file’s contents. PDF is immune to these changes even before and after file transfers. Since all systems do not support Microsoft PPT, converting it to a PDF file to prevent any trouble on transferring is a must, and PDFBear can provide you the fast, efficient, and secured conversion you need.


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