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Why Forklift Truck Training is Crucial for a Safe Workplace


Having a strong focus on workplace training is a particularly smart move for any business. This is especially true for warehouses and other similar businesses that use forklift trucks as part of their operations.

Forklift truck training is an important part of forklift operations because of dangers and safety reasons. That is why forklift safety should always be one of the top priorities of every business. It involves the operation of huge machines and heavy goods. Companies should provide forklift training for their workers in order to follow the best practices.

Forklift Truck Training Reduces Accidents

Fatalities and major accidents can occur in just about every industry that requires a forklift truck for operations and the transport of heavy goods and materials. However, numerous forklift accidents can be prevented with proper forklift training. It can minimise accidents and fatalities on the job while also reducing financial losses from the damage of goods. Forklift drivers who operate this machinery without being fully trained pose an immediate danger to both themselves and everyone in the workspace.

The Benefits of Forklift Training for Your Workplace

Implementing a comprehensive forklift truck training course can help your business to be as safe and efficient as possible whether it is in a warehouse or on a work site. In addition to the obvious safety benefits, providing in-house training for your employees will mean your business will have:

  • More competent workers
  • Cleaner operations
  • Safer operations
  • Greater productivity
  • Increased equipment life
  • Less damage to property

A safe operation is unparalleled to the success of any business. Safety keeps a business viable and helps contribute to continued profits. Since workers tend to reflect the attitude of the business owners and management, it is important to make safe forklift truck use a priority at the highest level. If you haven’t yet implemented a forklift driver training course for your employees, then it is time to do so.

What Does Forklift Truck Training Include?

This typically depends entirely on how advanced your existing knowledge is before taking the course. The majority of forklift training courses in the UK, however, focus either on beginners, or experienced operators who need a refresh.

Refresher training is only required under certain conditions. It is needed if an operator engages in unsafe forklift operations; if the operator is involved in an accident or a near-miss incident; if the operator is assigned to drive a new type of vehicle; or if changes in workplace conditions affect operational safety of forklift trucks. However, it is always good practice to send employees on refresher training to ensure the utmost safety in the workplace.

Beginners courses will cover everything you need to know about operating a forklift, from the practical operational skills to health and safety. A forklift training course will typically begin with sessions on health and safety regulations, with the aim of getting learners up to speed with the legal, health & safety, and examination aspects of operating a forklift truck.

You’ll also have to learn how to load a forklift safely; an overloaded forklift can be extremely dangerous and potentially, so this is a critical skill that you need to learn. You’ll then be required to complete a theory test, which will test you on everything you’ve learned during the course. Towards the latter part of the training course, you’ll be taught how to operate a forklift truck, and assessed on this. Provided you passed both the theory and practical assessments, you’ll receive a certificate and become a fully trained and certified forklift truck driver. The certificate will include the name of the forklift operator, the date of training and evaluation, the identity of the persons and company that is conducting the training and assessments. Employers keep this paperwork on file even if third parties provide the training.

If you’re going for a refresher course, it will be focused more around getting you up to speed on the latest regulations and legislation as these can be updated on a regular basis. They will also assess your practical skills and ensure that you have left behind any bad habits by the time your course is finished.

All companies that provide forklift truck training must be registered with an accrediting body and have their courses approved by them. The Heath and Safety Executive (HSE) authorities recognise that training conducted by an accredited training company will be provided to the highest standard. Although, there are several training companies around who cut corners in order to reduce prices and costs. These should be avoided, and you can phone The Health and Safety Executive to establish if the course you are being offered complies with requirements if you have any doubts prior to booking and attending such a course.

To prevent any dangers or accidents occurring, all employees that are responsible for driving a forklift truck should receive high quality training before operating a vehicle. There are different training courses available for the different types of forklift trucks, although general training covers most aspects.


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