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5 Warning Signs: It’s Time to Have a Tree Cut Down


Trees are strong and sturdy, and only heavy winds or cyclones can uproot them! Do you feel the same? Well, it’s not always true. Like every living organism on the earth, trees also come with a lifespan. Apart from the weather conditions, certain other factors cause them damage, and they fall suddenly.

Where trees accompany several benefits, if you ignore trees warning signs, it can cause huge damage. Here we will discuss the top 5 warning signs that indicate it’s time to cut down a tree near you.

  1. Fungal Growth on Trees

You might usually focus on the physical damage of the tree. But have you paid attention to the tree trunk and branches? If you see fungal growth or mushrooms growing there, then you need to be cautious. This is the indication that your tree is dying slowly. Fungal growth starts only when the part of the tree is rotting or dead. The fungus eats away the wood and can contribute to many other tree diseases.

If you fail to recognize and treat outgrowing mushrooms and fungus on time, the stability of your tree is compromised. If you are not a tree health expert, you might fail to identify tree health. But in Australia, the best Sydney tree removal companies can easily detect it. They will suggest you get rid of this tree else you can experience considerable damage to the property because of its sudden fall.

  • Falling and Discolored Leaves

If you notice leaves losing their color or falling out of season, your tree needs special care as it is not healthy anymore. This can be due to some disease and even because of damaged roots that are responsible for restricting your tree from absorbing the required nutrients. However, a sudden change in weather like over wet or over dry conditions can also be behind the leaf’s loss or discoloration.

If you cannot bring your tree back to normal health, then, unfortunately, it’s time to cut it down. You might not feel like doing so because you have seen it growing from a sapling to a huge tree. But this is necessary to avoid any major loss as it can fall anytime.

  • Dead or Loss of Branches

You can contact Sydney tree removal services if you notice dead branches or see your tree shedding branches. The loss of branches doesn’t need to indicate that the tree is in poor health. But falling off large branches can cause extensive property damage. So, only an expert can tell the difference whether your tree is healthy or it needs to cut down.

Top Cut Tree Services offers tree removal, stump grinding, tree trimming, and other tree-related emergency work. Contacting the professionals for residential and commercial tree cutting can even save your tree from cutting down completely. As they are specialists in their field, they can identify the cause and provide the proper maintenance to the tree.

  • Excess Leaning

It is difficult to see a tree standing in a vertical position. Various natural disturbances like high winds can make them lean slightly. But if you watch your tree leaning excessively in one direction, then this is surely a warning sign. It can fall anytime and can cause serious injuries or huge property damage. So, it would be better to get it cut down before it falls on its own.

  • Trunk Health

Evaluating your tree trunk can also give you an idea about the overall health of the tree. Do you see a crack in the tree trunk, or does the bark fall off the trunk? If yes, then your tree needs intense care as it is not healthy. A tree with a weak trunk can fall all of a sudden anytime. So, it would help if you were cautious. If you knock at the trunk and it sounds hollow, that also signifies your tree is dying slowly. Any hollow portion or cavity in the tree trunk is not good. It would be best if you treat them immediately because all these are signs of a dying tree and can result in a costly disaster.

Closing Words

Planting trees is a good thing as they keep the environment clean and are also beneficial to you in many ways. But after sowing the tree, it’s not only in the growing years when you need to take care of it, but it needs intense care when it has turned into a big strong tree. You should know the difference between the sick and the dying tree. You can treat a sick tree, but saving a dead tree is nearly impossible, so better you cut it down on time before it causes severe damage by falling suddenly.

Our above-discussed warning signs will surely help you in indicating the right time to cut down your tree. You can even ask for professional help if you notice any of these signs.


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