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How Natural Oil Is Extracted


CBD, commonly known as Cannabidiol, is just one of the many compounds found in hemp and other plants in the Cannabis Sativa family. 

The quality of a CBD product depends on how it is extracted. Extraction of CBD is necessary because it is the major way to create usable CBD products.

Have you always wondered how CBD oils are made? Wonder no more because, in this article, we will be covering:

  • the different methods of extracting CBD and their respective pros and cons;
  • how to extract CBD oil at home;
  • two main things to look out for when buying CBD oil online.

Methods Of Extracting CBD Oil

CO2 Extraction

This extraction method is the most popular method used by manufacturers of CBD products. Not only is it an efficient and reliable extraction method, but it is also extremely safe, and it yields extracts with consistent concentrations of CBD.

CO2 has attributes of gas which can be easily altered when put under a certain temperature and pressure. 

CO2 is put under a temperature of –56Cº and pressure levels of over 75PSI. At this point, it reaches a supercritical state where it behaves as a liquid and a gas.

There are two types of CO2 extraction methods:

  • Supercritical method;
  • Subcritical method.

Most companies use the supercritical method because it gives optimal results without damaging the active compounds of the CBD. 


  • It is the safest method today;
  • It is very effective and produces extracts of high purity;
  • It is a popular method in the industry


  • It is very expensive;
  • It requires a big learning curve.

Alcohol Extraction

This process is one of the least expensive methods of extracting CBD from hemp. This requires intense precision and precaution or will trigger explosions since alcohol is highly flammable.

In this process, the hemp plant is immersed and soaked in alcohol. 

Then, the alcohol strips the plant matter of its chlorophyll and other valuable compounds.

After that, the solvent is heated in a special dish to evaporate and suspend the extracts in carrier oil.

The solvents commonly used are:

  • Butane
  • Propane
  • Hexane
  • Ether
  • Ethanol
  • Menthol


  • It is a cheap method of extraction.


  • It’s very time-consuming
  • It possesses many risks
  • It is less efficient

Now, even after reading through these extraction methods, you might wonder if it is possible to extract CBD oil from the comfort of your home. 

Yes, it is possible. Time, concentration, and a few local materials are all you need.

How To Extract CBD Oil At Home

Vegetable Oil Extraction

Yes, you read that right. CBD can be extracted from vegetable oil. Oils work as a solvent, and this process follows the same principles as all other industrial methods. 

It’s not limited to just vegetable oils. You could use any of these common cooking oils:

  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Argan oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Hemp seed oil
  • Sunflower Oil


Heat your cannabis in the oven at about 250F for 30 mins to 1 hour and stir repeatedly.

  • Add the heated product to any of the oils mentioned above. Pour the mixture into a saucepan and heat slowly at 210F.
  • Maintain the temperature, keep cooking on low heat for up to 2 hours, and have your CBD oil ready for use.

This method is easy, safe, and inexpensive, but the CBD products obtained have a short shelf life. That is, they don’t last long.

2 Things To Note When Buying CBD Oil Online

If you decide that the home extraction process doesn’t suit you and want to buy CBD oil online, take note of these tips.

The Amount Of THC The Oil Contains

THC creates a strong bond with the cannabinoid receptors. It is this bond that is responsible for producing a sense of euphoria.

It is suspected to be responsible for psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia.

So before deciding to buy CBD oil online, it would be wise to check the THC content of the product.

The Product’s Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Before buying CBD oil online, always check for the product’s CBD Certificate of Analysis because it shows that it has undergone the appropriate testing for THC, CBD concentrations, and other compounds that should be disclosed. 


The CBD market is rapidly growing, and you can learn more about it by reading through our later articles.

We aim to help you acclimate to the market to make the right choices when you decide to get some for yourself.


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