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6 Countries to Include on Your Travel Bucket List


Those with a tenacious wanderlust know that travel enriches and improves your outlook on life in more ways than one. Even if your travel bucket list is lengthy, there are likely places that aren’t on everyone’s travel radar.

If you’re dying to see the world, and see as much of it as possible, consider any one of these six locations for your next international travel destination.

Before You Travel

Wherever your destination, always do your research before packing your bags and setting off. Some countries have certain restrictions on what you can and cannot have in your luggage. While some parts of the world permit liquids and gels in your carry on, others ban them completely, so check before bringing important items like CBD oil, expensive hair products or liquid supplements.


Many are surprised to find that Canada isn’t all hockey and snow. In southwest regions, Canadian provinces are considered to be in the Pacific Northwest, and share many of the same characteristics as other beloved PNW locations like Seattle and Portland.

In both north and south regions, Canada has stunning beaches, famous wineries and rich scenery. In both small towns and larger cities of Canadian provinces, you’ll find charming historical streets adjacent to epic, gorgeous stretches of pine trees and mountain sides. From British Columbia to Quebec, Canada has something for everyone.


Surprisingly affordable, this country boasts over 2,000 beaches and is the most biologically diverse country in the world. No matter what month you visit, there are tropical rainforests to explore, cultural festivals to attend and incredible scenery to take in.

Brazil has something for everyone in your travel group. Some of the most stunning hikes and liveliest cultural experiences are within this country. Golden beaches, interesting shops, gigantic waterfalls and adventurous boat trips await.


No matter where you go in India, you’ll have some of the most unique and novel experiences in your lifetime. From eye-opening delicacies to still standing ancient structures, India is a country like no other. India has some of the best food in the world, and it’s just about everywhere.

Because this country is so ancient, many of its most notable sights have been around for centuries. India’s palaces, beaches, markets and even some of its hotels are all sights to behold.

The Greek Isles

Though Athens on the mainland is a popular destination, some of the most beautiful Greek destinations are off the shores. Travelers can fly directly to some of Greece’s smaller islands, and then book travel to hop onto nearby islands and see all that they have to offer. Santorini, one of Greece’s most popular islands, is surrounded by destinations less frequently traveled, and therefore less tourist-filled.

The Greek Islands all have something a bit different to offer. Mykonos boasts a rich nightlife scene, while Crete has some of the most beautiful beaches away. The easiest, and often least expensive, mode of travel between islands is by ferry, so book tickets ahead of time to make the trip smooth as possible.


Most travelers have Paris high up on their list, but some of the most charming regions of France are outside of its largest city. France is famous for its cuisine — bread, wine and cheese especially. Head outside of Paris for some of the best aged wine, beautiful beaches and charming architecture you’ve ever seen.

The French countryside is especially charming, full of cozy bed and breakfast hotels and beachside towns. Try to visit one of France’s beautiful castles and feast on authentic, local French cuisine while you’re in some of its most alluring provincial towns.


Croatia, located across the Adriatic sea from Italy, is becoming one of the most popular destinations in the world. Almost everyone in this country is well-dressed, and soccer isn’t just a sport, it’s a way of life. Catamarans and sailboats can take you from island to island in Croatia so you can enjoy as many of its famous beaches as possible.

Croatian food is heavily influenced by its region, incorporating elements of Meditterannean and Central European traditions. Everywhere you go, there is something new, delicious and exciting to put on your plate, so make sure to indulge on all the delicious food while you’re there.


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