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Incredible Roof Style Ideas for Garden Sheds


If you have a shed in your backyard garden, you can enhance its aesthetics by adding incredible roof styles for sheds. Many people have been using sheds to store gardening tools. But by installing attractive roofing, sheds can even host garden parties.

Since the roof is one of the most visible parts of a garden shed, you should make it look more attractive. You can achieve that by designing a roof pitch with materials that are stunning and feasible. This guide explores the best roof-style ideas for garden sheds.

What is a Shed Roof Style?

A shed roof style is typically a single-sloped roof. You can think of it as a flat roof at a steep slope or one half of the conventional gable roof. Unlike other popular roof styles with at least two sides, a shed roof has a single pitch.

The single-sloped roofs were mainly common in sheds but are becoming more popular on residential properties. In some homes, the entire roof may be a shed-style roof, while in other houses, a particular section of the structure may be having a shed-style roof.

Here are some of the advantages of a shed roof style:

  • It’s a simple roof design, making it easy to build
  • It’s slightly steep to allow rainwater to flow down the roof
  • The simplicity of a shed roof style makes it a more cost-effective option
  • Highly versatile as it can accommodate various types of roofing materials

The Best Roof Styles for Sheds

Now that you know what a shed roof style is, we’ll look at the most incredible roof style ideas for roof sheds. That will help you transform your garden shed into a paradise.

Traditionally, the flat roof style has been the focal point of garden sheds. However, most people are now looking into other roof styles to make their sheds more attractive.

Some of the famous roof styles for garden sheds include:

  • Slanted or Shed Roof Design
  • Gambrel or Barn Style Shed Roof Design
  • Gable Style Roof
  • Flat Style Roof
  • Skillion & Lean-To Style Roof
  • Hip Style Shed Roof

If you want a roof style that you can’t build by yourself, hire a reputable roofing company like Roof Master & Construction to help you.

Now let’s look at the roof style ideas for garden sheds in detail.

Slanted or Shed Roof Design

This roof style has a short wall opposite a taller wall with rafters spanning the distance between the walls. The design has a single slope, making it easier to shed rain and snow. The good news is you can quickly build it by yourself.

One advantage of the slanted or shed roof design is that it is ideal for solar panels when oriented westward. It also has a lower profile than the gable roof style, making it suitable for some neighborhoods. Unfortunately, it offers less attic storage space.

The best roofing material for the slanted roof design is ribbed steel sheets or shingles. You also need waterproofing due to the roof’s lower slope.

Gambrel or Barn Style Shed Roof Design

The Dutch-inspired gambrel or barn style is another incredible roof design for garden sheds. It has gussets connecting and reinforcing parts of the rafters, providing more loft space or a usable attic. The rafters require more angles and cuttings.

You’ll find this double-slope roof style in older barns in the countryside. The roof style is very pleasing aesthetically, making it a perfect choice for garden sheds. The best roofing material for this roof shed design is shingle or ribbed sheet metal.

Gable Style Roof

While the gable style is common in most residential properties, it’s also a perfect roofing idea for garden sheds. It has two sloping sides that meet at a peak centered over the end walls. Its rafters run from the walls to meet at a raised center ridge, forming a peak.

Building the gable roof style for a garden shed can be very simple, mainly if you use prefabricated roof trusses. The best roofing materials of the gable style roof are shingle or ribbed steel sheets. You can also cover the roof with felt paper or wood sheathing.

Flat Style Roof

The flat-style roof is the most common roofing for industrial or commercial buildings. It looks pretty similar to the shed-style roof, but the walls have almost the same height. In other words, flat-style roofs have a slight pitch to facilitate drainage or water run-off.

The good news is that the flat-style roof is easy and less costly to build. It is suitable for areas that experience low or high rainfall. Many homeowners love this roof style due to its low profile. The best roofing material for flat-style roofs is sheet metals.

Pro Tip: You can get creative with the flat-style roof by planting sedums or flowers on the roof. However, you must ensure that the roof can safely hold the plants’ weight.

Skillion & Lean-To Style Roof

A shed with a skillion or lean-to-style roof has one wall higher than the opposite side. The roof has a single slope with one end attached to the wall of the taller building like the side of a house. A skillion-style roof looks like half the gable roof.

A skillion-style roof is among the simplest to build, making it suitable for garden sheds. They are less expensive than most roof styles and are also perfect for home additions. The best roofing material for the roof is ribbed steel sheets or shingles.

Final Words

Now that you know the different roof styles for sheds, you need to pick a roof that best matches your style. Before you select a roof style for your garden shed, you need to consider factors such as the framing complexity and the roofing materials you’ll need.

The roof style you choose will affect the framing complexity of the shed, while the roofing materials you select will affect the overall cost. You should also consider the local weather conditions, such as the wind strength and the amount of rainfall or snow.


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