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The Modern Designers Take On How To Install Kitchen Countertops


There was a time when every house owner was dreaming about having a marble countertop in the kitchen. But times have changed, and there are so many striking options to choose from: granite, concrete, zinc, wood, etc. If you are looking for countertop inspiration, what better place to find it than from the designers themselves.

  1. Blizzard Caesarstone

If you have a big kitchen, you need a large countertop to balance the space. If you go for a small countertop in a massive kitchen, it will lose its appeal. A good 14-foot-long Caeserstone worktop would perfectly combine your entire kitchen plan. You can give a slight contrast with textured walls and dark-coloured cabinets.

  • Good Old Oak Slab

Rustic décor has its distinctive charm that never dies. If your vision is to create a rustic décor, installing an oak slab countertop would be great. It will have a great mountain-inspired or Tuscan-style kitchen.

  • Quartzite

Kitchen appliances like a microwave. Toaster, blender, etc. lying on the countertops consumes space. But newer designs allow us to hide them in a cool way. In one of the famous designs, Mick De Guilio designed a quartzite door on the counter that slides inside. This hid a pull-out tray to keep the toaster. You can choose a material that best suits you and create a hideout place to make your kitchen appear sleeker and more spacious. Make sure your hideout space blends with the rest of the space perfectly.

  • Keeping It Sophisticated With Quartz

Michelle Nussbaumer used quartz to create a countertop for the kitchen. Quartz has greater durability than natural marble and appears very chic. She used white quartz with grey veining, making it seem more like marble. The designer complemented the countertop with deep aqua cabinets. For upper shelving, she opted for blush pink cabinets. The reflective cabinets make the space appear more vibrant and spacious.

  • Glossing It Up With Tiles

Tiles may not be popular like granite and quartz; they are an excellent choice for your kitchen. And, you can use tiles in an avalanche of colours and designs. Studio Helder created an all-tile kitchen with striking tiles. The kitchen is covered in black glossy tiles all across. You can complement the space with metal and colourful appliances.  It is a unique countertop design that strikes a great combination of futuristic and retro.

  • Creating An Edgy Design With Statement Marble

Statement marbles are the perfect choice to create unique and edgy kitchen décor.  You can go for bold marble with a backsplash as your countertop and install it in a waterfall edge design. This will create a seamless countertop design. Moreover, you can combine the countertop with solid cabinets and walls. It will create an artistic kitchen look.

  • Sealed Wood

Like we mentioned earlier, a big kitchen deserved longer countertops. Wooden countertops look and feel very antique and give the space a classic appearance. Additionally, wood countertops are very durable. For this design, you can create a kitchen countertop with wood sealed in an acrylic finish. Choose the same design for the cabinets underneath. The acrylic finish ensures that spills, stains, heat, and scratches do not impact the charm of your countertop.

  • Bring Out the Simplicity With Soapstone

Soapstones are versatile and look great in any kitchen. In this popular design, the designer has chosen a darker counter. The soapstone is combined with cabinets in a creamy shade. You can pop colour to space with kitchen accessories like vases, fruit bowls, etc.

  • Experiment With The Texture

Textured countertops are great and can give your kitchen space a distinctive characteristic. You can go for a speckled countertop in different colour combinations. Additionally, you should keep the other kitchen elements with neutral brown cabinets underneath and white walls and shelving.

  1. Sand And Wood

Wood does not just create a rustic look; it can also be quite contemporary. You can go for oil finished worktop and pair it with lavender-stained texture wood at the bottom. Additionally, you can go for white painted walls and ceiling and limestone floor. Add sleek hanging lights to combine the elements of the space. The result will be a space with combined modern allure and rustic charm.

  1. Styling With Pink Marble

Pink marbles are not that common on the kitchen countertop, but they can look very chic and luxurious. Pair the marble with white cabinets at the bottom. Play with some colours on the wall cabinets by creating a solid coloured edge for the white cabinets.

  1. Marble But Not Marble

Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo looks exactly like marble, but it is low maintenance and tougher. You can use this countertop material to create a black and white kitchen space. Combine this chunky countertop with black cabinets and an island. Do not forget to add a touch of colours here. You can use indoor plants and flower vases to add a pop of colour.

  1. All-White Kitchen

There is no such thing as too white, especially in your kitchen space. And if you think all-white will look dull and boring, you could not be more wrong here. It is a matter of choosing the right design and the way you put together all the elements. Start with selecting a pure white countertop; you have the flexibility to choose whatever material that you prefer.

The countertop would pair well with white cabinets featuring silver handles. You can choose neutral shaded wood, and all there is left to do is add a little pop of colour. For that, you can go for small flower vases, kitchen appliances, and lights.

  1. Black Granite

Granite is the all-time favourite countertop material, and you can experiment a lot with it. You can choose an all-black granite and combine it with wooden cabinets. You can choose the grey colour and nude walls for the upper cabinet.

The Bottom Line

The kitchen worktop comes in various designs, colours, and patterns. The abundance of options can make it perplexing for us to create a design. Above are some amazing designs by famous designers to spark your imagination.


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