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Benefits of using Portable Showers and Toilets for Events


Regardless of the environment we are in, the need to answer the call of nature or freshen up is unavoidable. Therefore, while planning an event, it is essential to put in place facilities such as toilets and showers. These amenities enhance proper sanitation, at the comfort of all those in attendance at the event.

Toilet and Shower Unit Hire

 In a situation where the event’s venue does not have permanent structures such as lavatories, the ideal option is to use mobile toilets and showers. Insite Portable Accommodation are passionate about making the hiring of portable cabins as easy as possible, from the first promptly answered phone call through to the collection of the units at the end of hire. They have a range of units available for hire including toilet blocks, portable showers, jackleg cabins and more. There are numerous benefits of bringing into play portable and temporary shower units and toilets blocks for events.

Shower and Mobile Toilet Hire is Affordable

The cost of hiring portable toilets and showers is much lower than having to construct permanent structures. It is, therefore, cost-effective and economical putting in place the mobile facilities instead. Many companies hire out their movable showers and toilets at relatively fair charges. In addition to this, you only make payments when these facilities are being utilised.

Portable Showers and Toilets are Easy to Use

Operating these toilets and shower units barely has any complications. To ensure that everyone using these toilets and showers has an easy time, there are clear instructions on how any of their functions should be handled.

A Convenient Alternative to Permanent Units

Assuming the event’s venue already has permanent lavatories, there might be long queues especially when the event’s attendees are many. To reduce these queues and the inconvenience which comes with it, having portable restrooms as an additional alternative goes a long way. As a result, everyone in need to access the restroom will not face any inconvenience.

Affordable and Flexible Hire Options

Another interesting aspect of hiring or leasing mobile restrooms is the flexibility to choose the type that exactly suits your event. There is an assortment available, for you to choose from. You may opt to choose restrooms that only have toilets on one segment and shower units on the other segment. Alternatively, you may decide to get those that have a shower and a toilet within the same block.

Fitted for all Kinds of Environments 

For you to have these portable facilities at your event, all that is needed is the space where they should be installed. They, therefore, serve the purpose regardless of the setting, be it a corporate event, a concert, or a party at home. This is possible because various companies have trailers that are configured differently to ensure that these facilities are provided in a manner that fits your setting.

Low Maintenance

Once you have hired the mobile lavatories, all you need to do is focus on your event and nothing about cleaning or doing any maintenance. During the period you agreed upon with the rental company, they are in charge of providing these services on-site.

Suitable for Large Groups of People

If at all you are worried about the facilities being inadequate for many people, you can rest assured that with mobile restrooms, any number of people can be easily accommodated. While hiring movable restrooms, you get to select the number of blocks to be installed. If you expect many people for the event, then you should request the rental company to deliver and install as many blocks as the event’s locality can hold.

Disposal of Waste is Eco-Friendly

It is important to be mindful of the environment and to avoid any activities which would cause harm. When you hire mobile restrooms, disposal of waste is not your responsibility, but that of the rental company. The rental companies already have a waste disposal mechanism in place, ensuring that the waste is disposed of through proper channels.

From the above benefits, it is fair to conclude that for events, having portable toilets and showers is ideal for events. The ability of attendees to access and use these facilities comfortably is a huge win that contributes to the success of the event. These portable buildings aren’t just suitable for events but also other similar environments such as construction sites.


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