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Artificial Grass Vs Real Grass: Is One Better Than The Other?


Is artificial grass as good as real grass? Is real grass hard to maintain? If I’m busy and can’t regularly mow my lawn, should I consider artificial grass or does artificial grass also need a lot of maintenance? All of these questions regarding real and artificial grass will be answered below. To find out, keep on reading.

Real Grass

Real grass is great, as it is a part of nature in your home, but there are a lot of cons that come along with real grass.

Needs Maintenance

Real grass, although it is better for your health and the added greenery benefits the environment, needs a lot of maintenance and care to look fresh. First of all, real grass always needs water.

Needs Irrigation System

Now, considering your schedule, you can’t always water your grass with a hose. So, you need to install an irrigation system to make the task easier for you. But irrigation costs a lot of money and you need a lot of water as provision.

Needs Weed Control

Other than that, you always have to look out for those pesky weeds, and to control it, you need to use harmful chemicals like pesticides, and it is harmful to human health.

Artificial Grass

Since real grass has a lot of maintenance, artificial grass in Kent is making its way into people’s homes, and for a good reason.

Less Maintenance Required

Artificial grass requires half the amount of maintenance as compared to real grass. Artificial grass is made up of polyethylene, which is a polymer and a kind of plastic, mixed with other things to make it look like real grass. Artificial grass requires no watering, as it is not a living thing. It only needs to be cleaned on a daily basis, as neglect can lead to formation of insects and pests, if moisture is present.

No Mowing Required

There is also no need to mow or trim artificial grass, since it doesn’t grow. You also don’t need to worry about pests and weeds, since it is not an active hotspot or breeding place for these things. You just need to maintain it for a cleaner loom. Stains can be formed on artificial grass, but it is not something drastic that a cleaner can’t clean up.

Easy Installation

Installation of artificial grass is also very easy. It can be installed within a day or two, depending on the space you need to fill.

The only downside to artificial grass is that it looks artificially green, which is not a bad thing, but it could be somewhat noticeable if you look closely. So, all in all, artificial grass sounds like a good option if you want something which requires less maintenance.

One of the terrific things about artificial grass is that it is capable of being installed on almost any type of surface, even in garden areas that are not fully level. Artificial Grass Warrington has professionals with experience installing artificial grasses in virtually every kind of space.


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