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How to Create More Energy Efficiency in Your Garden


For homeowners who have a keen interest in the environment and protecting the planet, you’re already doing everything you can to make your home more energy efficient. While a lot of your focus may be on the interior, you shouldn’t forget about your outside spaces too, like your garden.

In this guide, we will explore some paths you can take that could improve energy efficiency in your garden space and help you become greener in the way that you care for it.

Maximise Water Usage

We all understand that plants require water to survive. However, what may surprise you is the most drought-resistant plants require water too. Most people aren’t using water efficiently in their outdoor space. If anything, this is where a lot of homeowners are wasting energy at home unknowingly.

One of the first things you can do in your quest to save water in the garden is to use a watering can rather than a hose. This will help in controlling the amount you use. If you must use a hose, see to it that you are using a trigger to monitor its flow. During the summer months, it’s normal to water your plants more often to keep them hydrated. Although, you should maximise water usage to the full by watering early in the morning or late in the afternoon. This gives your soil and plants plenty of time to absorb the water, rather than being wasted via evaporation.

Improve Your Soil

You may be wondering how the soil impacts energy efficiency in gardens. But, rest assured, it does play a pivotal role. Familiarise yourself with the different kinds of soil, including the different ways to make each one healthy. When you have healthy soil, this almost certainly means you’ll have a healthy garden.

Composting can also help a great deal in improving the soil in your garden. You can look into different types of composting that will make your garden more energy efficient. Little Peckers sell compost and also have a guide on how to use it efficiently in your garden space. They also sell garden ornaments that can bring your outdoor space to life.

Start Using Solar Lights

When it comes to lighting your garden space, the type you choose can make all the difference, especially in terms of energy efficiency. More and more homeowners are opting for solar lights. They are regarded as far better than traditional ones simply down to the lower dependence on grid power.

Outdoor solar lights are environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and cost-effective. Solar string lights come in all sorts of colours that you can drape around your bushes and trees. What’s more, they’re low maintenance. This means you won’t have to keep tending to them to keep them in working order. Solar lights won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Just assess how many you’ll need for your space before making any purchases.

Choose Drought-Resistant Plants

To cut down your water usage, it’s wise to opt for drought-tolerant plants. Naturally, these plants do not require as much water as other plant species, meaning you will significantly lower your water consumption. Should you opt for rainwater butts in your outdoor space, it’s very likely you’ll never have to use tap water.

Another bonus of drought-resistant plants is they require very little maintenance. This means you won’t have to pull out the lawn mower as much. And if you were paying someone to do this job for you, you will save tons of money in the process.

Use Electricity Instead of Gas

Where you can, it’s always advised that you use electricity-powered garden appliances, rather than gas. For instance, you should consider making the move to an electric lawnmower. This is because electric appliances could be far cheaper to buy and run. What’s more, they’re normally quieter in operation and have fewer carbon emissions when compared to gas-powered tools.

On the topic of electricity, now may be the time to switch energy suppliers. This could be hugely beneficial in making your entire property more energy-efficient, as well as lowering your energy bills. Reducing your energy consumption will only be beneficial to your home if you’re on the correct tariff. Therefore, take your time to look at different providers to help find the right deal for your needs.

While your outdoor space may be ‘green’ by definition, it may not be as green as every gardener would like it to be. If you’ve noticed your utility bills seem to creep up and up, particularly during the summer, your precious garden may be to blame for this.

Maintaining a garden requires tons of energy and resources. Whatever your space looks like, you’ll want it to be energy efficient. All the suggestions above can go a long way in becoming eco-friendlier, lowering bills, and doing your bit for the planet.


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