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Things to Know When You’re an Expat Buying a House in the UK


Buying a house in the UK as an expat is no easy task. There’s a great deal to understand before any move can be made possible, and sensitivity is absolutely needed during all the admin and proceedings. After all, the days of the UK taking in and housing most peoples are quickly fading, so if you want a smooth ride, you’ll need to make your moves quickly while you have as many rights as possible.

Consequently, here’s a few things you should know when buying a house in the UK as an expat.

The Areas

It’s no secret that some areas are pricier than others. Whether it’s cultural significance, availability of views, local services, nearby universities and schools; all these things affect property prices. Consequently, if you’re an expat buying a house in the UK, you need to weigh up all these factors and decide what you want and what you don’t want. Being smart and strategic here could slash your prices dramatically.

Of course, the area you choose will also affect the type of work that’s available. If you’re keen to head out to the middle of the rural countryside, you’ll find salaries could well be a lot lower than if you undertook a city job. Jobs may also be less skilled in remote areas, and availability could be worse. Obviously, the last thing you need is to be moving to an area that’s too expensive with no jobs on offer!

The Economy

The value of homes is constantly fluctuating in the UK, and with events like Brexit occurring, stability will likely not be found for awhile in this arena. Therefore, timing is key if you’re an expat wanting to buy a house in the UK. Make sure you’re keeping tabs on all the prices the UK housing market is offering and be ready to dive in as soon as they fit comfortably in your budget.

It’s important to be patient, but at the same time, try not to leave it too long either. As Brexit is presently fuelling a great amount of uncertainty nationwide, there’s no telling that if prices will skyrocket to unprecedented levels in the near future, or for how long. Many are expecting things to get much worse before they get much better, so be prepared to act fast too. For example, if you’re a cash buyer, you can then immediately skip all the mortgage admin.

Help Is Needed

Even if you have an adventurous spirit and a charmingly improvisational attitude, you will need help moving to the UK. You can’t do it alone, and there’s a great many logistics and legal curbs that need to be ironed out. Make sure that you have able and adequate support through every step of the process, and you’ll be sat comfortable in the UK in no time.

For example, quality immigration lawyers are always on hand to support peoples moving, and help transition them smoothly from country to country. Most are multilingual, so they can help anyone and everyone with needs. Put simply, they’re experts for the expat,  


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