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Everything you need to know about the Saddleworth property market


Sprawling across the northeastern outskirts of Manchester, Saddleworth is one of the United Kingdom’s largest civil parishes. It comprises a scattering of villages and hamlets in the foothills of the Pennines, including Delph, Uppermill, and Greenfield. During the Industrial Revolution, the area flourished as a cotton spinning and weaving centre, with many of its historic buildings dating from the period. 

With its dramatic backdrop of scenic moorland, Saddleworth is becoming an increasingly popular place to live. In this article, discover everything you need to know about its property market, including the average price of terraced homes, semi-detached and detached properties, as well as what makes Saddleworth such a great place to live. 

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Average property prices in Saddleworth

Over the last year, property prices in Saddleworth were around £268,118, which was 1% down from the previous year but up from the 2020 peak of £242,314. Most properties sold over the period were terraced homes, with an average selling price of £192,842. Bringing the overall average up were semi-detached properties (at an average price of £287,912) and detached homes at £446,569. 

Saddleworth’s property prices are slightly more affordable than the Manchester average of £294,889, which was 2% up on the previous year. While an apartment in the city will currently set you back around £197,622, terraced properties are £241,529 and semi-detached homes are £326,522.

Properties in Saddleworth are significantly cheaper than the most expensive area in Manchester, Bowdon, where the average price is currently around £780,906. Even flats in the area were considerably more expensive than homes in Saddleworth at a cost of around £419,180. If you’re looking for cheaper property in Manchester, then you might want to consider Wigan where the average residence sold for around £170,431 last year. 

Following significant growth during the pandemic, Saddleworth experienced a slowing of property sales as mortgage rates were hiked at the end of 2022. That being said, houses have still been selling well, albeit without the frenzy that was seen throughout 2021. 

With higher interest rates, there are fewer buyers in the market, giving those who are interested in purchasing a property in Saddleworth the time to find exactly what they’re after. Provided sellers set reasonable asking prices for their property, they shouldn’t have a problem attracting buyers. 

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What makes Saddleworth a great place to purchase property

If you’re thinking about purchasing a home or an investment property in Saddleworth, you might be wondering what the area has to offer. Its housing stock includes historic cottages dating from the textile manufacturing years, as well as modern residences and apartments in old industrial buildings. Also within the area are several farms, making it an ideal place for hobby farmers to base themselves while still being within commuting distance of Manchester. 

Saddleworth also offers good transport links, with the Greenfield railway station located on the route of the Transpennine Express. This railway line connects to York, Huddersfield, and Manchester Piccadilly station. Buses also travel throughout the parish for residents living in villages not on the railway line. 

Hiking, cycling, and equestrian trails connect to the surrounding moors, with several routes leading to the summit of Holme Moss. At the end of the working day, Saddleworth residents can easily escape into the natural environment, far from the hustle and bustle of central Manchester. 

Saddleworth is also a great place to purchase a property due to its thriving arts and culture scene, with many events taking place in the area throughout the year. In addition to the Diggle Blues Festival and the Marsden Jazz Festival, it hosts the Uppermill Summer Music Festival each year. Several choirs and arts societies are based in the area and art exhibitions pop up all over the place. 

When it comes to dining out, Saddleworth’s residents and visitors are spoiled for choice, with traditional inns, gastropubs, and charming cafes. Highlights include the Church Inn in the village of Uppermill and the Rams Head Inn in Denshaw, which comes complete with its own farm shop. In Grasscroft, you’ll find the Farrars Arms, a traditional watering hole that does pies, pizzas, and cask ale. 

One of the appeals for people looking to purchase a home in Saddleworth is the fact that each of its villages has its own character, with a unique choice of historic buildings, shops, and eateries. In Uppermill, you’ll find a tranquil canal lined with colorful barges while Delphi is renowned for its vibrant arts centre. In Greenfield is the Grade II-listed Saddleworth War Memorial, which rises atop a rocky outcrop that’s affectionately known as the “Pots and Pans”. 


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