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9 DIY Wall Décor Ideas for The Modern Home


Wall décor is an excellent way of sprucing the look of your home. Nobody loves living in a plain home, and there are various ways to decorate your walls. You can purchase unique art pieces from reputed sellers or make them by yourself. And there are various ways to create that striking look using DIY art décor.

Here are DIY décor ideas to consider:

1. Wooden artwork

Wooden art work is fancied by most homeowners thanks to its aesthetic appeal. It comes in different colors, and the wood grain makes it stand out. Acquire high-quality wood and cut it to match your desired size and shape. You can make circular, square, triangle, or rectangular pieces as desired.

 Moreover, choose your favorite colors and paint your artwork to make the right color blend. If you still want a masterpiece to complement your DIY pieces, consider a few Eco-friendly wooden Posters from leading sellers online.

2. Fabric wall hanging

If you have an unused vintage rug lying around your home, use it to make wall decor and design a unique piece for your space. For instance, use tapestry, a form of textile, and have it hang vertically on your wall.

 It’s not a must that you use it on your walls; you can hang it on furniture pieces like tables, beds, sofa and more. Still, you can hang some fabric swatches on your wall to create a laidback environment using your favorite line. The good thing about these is that you can take them down anytime you wish.

3. Children’s art

There are different types of art that you can make for your home. But, most people neglect their kid’s rooms. Children’s art is an excellent way of embellishing your child’s room or bathroom. This can range from animated to brightly colored artwork. Also, you can use bold text in different sizes to make your artwork look more attractive. You can also use printed wallpaper to suit your children’s age and likings.

4. Clipped art

If you fancy a minimalist look in your home, this is an ideal project for you. This isn’t as hard as many people believe. Take up a photograph that you love and go frameless. 

5. Mirror gallery.

Most homeowners use wall art to create a wall gallery. But, DIY is all about creativity, and some mirrors will go a long way. Use antique mirrors pieces and cluster them together to reflect the beauty of your rooms. 

If you have broken mirror pieces, don’t throw them away either. Arrange them creatively, and you’ll be surprised by the outcome. They will reflect light excellently and create the illusion of an airy and spacious room.

 6. Beaded hangings

 Beads come in different sizes, colors, and textures. Choose one to complement your décor and create a wall hanging of your desired size. Play around with the beads to create that whimsical look and appeal. A beaded hanging is more attractive than a woven hanging and is a great choice for any modern home.

7. Pegboard

 A pegboard is a grid of predrilled holes that holds multiple hooks. They are normally used for storing various household tools, but most homeowners use them as décor pieces due to their versatile nature. Again, you can customize them to match your preferences.

8. Hat wall

Hat wall décor is an excellent way of creating additional storage space in your home. It’s ideal for people with limited space and will introduce a décor element in your home. Use it to create that unique feel on your walls and still have some space to store small items such as TV remotes, keys, and chargers.

9. Wood veneer art

Wood veneer is a rustic piece made of very thin cuts of wood and presses on both sides of a sturdy surface. The thin slices reveal its attractive grain patterns, and you can use the pieces in different rooms, including your livings pace, bathroom, hallway, and more.

The bottom line

Wall art is a unique way of adorning your home. You can make your own décor pieces to match other pieces in your home or buy ready-made artwork from renowned sellers.


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