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Casino Construction in UK


When constructing a casino, it’s more than just a case of putting a roof on a few walls and filling it with table games. There is strategic planning involved as to how a casino is designed that can make a real difference to the long-term success of the business. Owners of a casino must go through a careful thought process with several things to consider when constructing their casino.

We are going to look at a few of the key aspects to consider when starting up a casino, and how customers will react if it is executed well.

Selection of Games

The choice of games that are on offer in a casino is essential. There are an incredible number of games out there that are worthy of a position in a casino. There are the classic table games which all casino goers will expect to find when entering a casino such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, and poker variations such as three-card, and Texas Hold’em.

In addition, modern-day gamblers will expect a choice of iGames such as RNG-powered blackjack, roulette, and many more, as well as wanting a range of the latest video slot titles. If a player feels like there are not enough gaming options available to them then quite simply, they will go elsewhere to find what they are looking for, which as a business owner is not what you want to be happening. Online casinos which you can Discover More by doing a simple google search, can provide a player with all the gaming needs they could want, but a player cannot get the same atmosphere that they can in a casino.

Bring the ‘WOW’ Factor

Casinos are known for their glamour and elegance that we see so very often in the movies. First impressions are vital. A visitor should be wowed even before they enter the doors. The outside of the building must be lit up, but with classy colouring such as dark red, gold, or Silver. Plain and boring colouring is not recommended. Additional decorations can be a good idea but it depends on the theme of your casino. The Paris Casino in Las Vegas, for example, has a replica Eiffel Tower outside, and the Flamingo Casino in Vegas is surrounded by palm trees and has a lot of pink colouring to go with its theme. Casinos are often dark on the inside, as this will give a player a cosy feeling which will make them more comfortable and more likely to gamble. Touches of shiny metal will complement the dark design and give off a high-class look which is what you want. Carpet is important for a few reasons, one being that it is not slippery so it is much safer than wooden or marble flooring. Also, the carpet is soft which will give further comfort to the player, and if a visitor spills a drink or drops food then a carpet will be a lot easier to clean.

Positioning of Facilities

Positioning facilities in a casino is a lot more strategic than you may think. Firstly, you have the positions of the tables and slots. A casino should have the most popular game in the centre of the room as it will be easier to get to and also it will make your casino look busier than it might actually be. Games where the house has a bigger edge will also be towards the centre of the room and in plain sight of players as that is where the biggest profits are made. Similarly, the games where the house has less of an edge will not be in plain sight because a casino wants to limit the chances of it losing but it is important to offer these games as players demand more gaming choice.

Facilities such as smoking areas, bars, and toilets will be deep within a casino as when using these facilities, a player will have time to gather their thoughts and may choose to leave. If a player has to walk past many games before leaving, then they might change their mind and continue playing.

Other Considerations

So here are just a few reasons why the way in which you construct a casino is so important. There is plenty more to think about such as legal requirements like health and safety checks, planning permission, and electrical checks. These are required by law so if you want the casino to open and stay open, then follow the law.


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