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The Top 4 Real Estate Affiliate Programs: Get Paid to Promote the Homes You Love


Do you love real estate? Are you always keeping up with the latest trends in the market? If so, you should consider becoming an affiliate for a real estate company. Affiliate programs are a great way to make money by promoting products or services you already use and believe in. This blog post will discuss four of the best real estate affiliate programs available today.

Let’s get started.

What is Real Estate Affiliate Marketing?

Real Estate affiliate marketing is a practice in which you get paid to promote homes you love. Sounds easy, right? The program’s goal is to increase traffic and leads through your website for a real estate company’s specific listings. In return, they will pay you a commission when a lead turns into a sale. After clicking on your link, most affiliate programs work on an arrangement where you get paid when someone buys or sells a home from one of the affiliated properties.

Others pay simply for the visitor who views the listing online but does not make an immediate purchase. As an affiliate marketer, you can even partner with Algo Affiliates for better productivity and higher efficiency in the future.

Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs

Avail Affiliate Program

Avail was founded in 2007 by veteran Realtor Jane Gaffney, who created this affiliate program after becoming disenchanted with the “cookie-cutter” approach of other real estate programs. Avail offers custom marketing solutions to partners designed around their specific needs, including lead generation campaigns for website owners and brokers.

If you have many listings or want to offer your buyers additional services like mortgage financing, title insurance or moving services, Avail has the tools you need. Plus, affiliates earn up to 50% recurring commissions on sales they refer long-term.

Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express is a free real estate resource that offers buyer and seller leads. When you sign up to be part of their affiliate program, they will provide you with banners or buttons to put on your website or social networking profile.When someone clicks on the link in your post and joins Real Estate Express, you receive $20.

Real Estate Affiliates

A Real estate affiliate is an agent who has met the qualifications to join one of the top real estate programs online. As a Real Estate Affiliate, your job entails promoting your favourite homes through various income streams, including paid advertising campaigns and Real Estate SEO services.

The possibilities are endless with affiliate marketing, and real estate affiliates generate significant commissions by posting homes they love on their home search website.

Corporate Housing By Owner

Corporate Housing by Owner (CHBO) is now providing affiliates with an opportunity to earn residual monthly commissions of $19.95 per lead for ten years. Plus, receive $100 when you refer your first customer. That’s not all; Affiliates who generate 100 leads or more can also qualify to become a Marketing Manager for CHBO and begin earning up to 25% in referral fees.

The Bottom Line

Real estate is a huge market that offers many products and services. One of the best ways to make money in real estate is by becoming an affiliate for companies that provide homes, financing, mortgage advice, and other services related to buying and owning real estate.


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