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5 Tips for Shooting Stunning Real Estate Videos


Video content is extremely popular right now, which is why more real estate agents are tapping into its power. Whether it’s shooting social media adverts, property tours, or live-streaming events, it’s important to make sure the quality is great, and the impact is strong. With this in mind, we’ve put together a series of tips for shooting stunning real estate videos.

Start with a Plan

Planning is at the heart of success, and shooting a video is no different. Before you pick up the camera and hit record, you need to determine what your overall goals are, what the budget is, who the audience is, what equipment you’ll need, and how long it will take to shoot. To make life much easier, you should spend time diving into market research, which will help you get to know your local audience.

Setting Proper Lighting

Natural light has to be taken into consideration when shooting videos, whether it’s set inside or outside because even the slightest misstep may distort the picture. On the flip side, there may be times when you need additional lighting beyond your camera’s flash capabilities. In these cases, you can easily invest in a low-cost tripod or camera-attachment light.

Capturing Quality Audio

Achieving a crystal-clear picture is a step in the right direction, but there’s little point if your audience can’t hear you properly. Therefore, you should set a chunk of the budget aside for buying a high-end microphone. For example, the Shure SM7B is one of the best on the market because of its versatility, which makes it great for everything from capturing music to recording interviews.

Always Edit Videos

Your video will need editing before posting, but hiring a professional will be extremely expensive. Therefore, to keep costs down, we recommend using Adobe video editor, which lets you trim, crop, add music, input themes, and resize your videos just like a pro.

Using Correct Video Equipment

When you’re first getting started, many smartphone cameras are perfectly capable of capturing high-quality footage. However, when you become consistent with filming, investing in a high-end camera may be the best thing for your real estate business. When it comes to dedicated cameras, there’s no denying that Canon is among the best manufacturers.

If your video content is more explainer than property shoots, then investing in a decent webcam may be more cost-effective. In most cases, you’ll need a dedicated 1080p webcam to get adequate footage. Even if you’ve got a laptop webcam, you should avoid shooting with these because the quality will be extremely poor.

If you need to film neighborhoods or large properties, the best video equipment to use is a drone because it can get high and deliver incredible footage. Although they may look complex to operate, they’ve become a lot more accessible over recent years, which means anyone can easily learn how to fly one.

If you aren’t using videos at your real estate agent, the best thing you can do is just start. Even if you don’t have the best equipment, you can still shoot, edit, and upload high-quality videos.


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