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How to enhance lighting within the home


With lighter nights still a long way off, there are some little tricks you can employ now to give the illusion of a lighter and brighter home and help stave off those winter blues. From enhancing what natural light there is, to using artificial sources, you change your mood and the feel of your home in an instant.

Let the sunshine

With an average of less than two hours of sunshine a day in the dark depths of winter it’s important to make use of what little light there is. Move furniture away from windows to ensure as much light as possible can stream through. And opt for window dressings in lighter colours to give the illusion of more light.

If you’re in need of privacy, consider blinds that allow in light. Sheer blinds made from voile and organza are great for living rooms and bedrooms and venetian blinds work well in kitchens and bathrooms.

Use mirrors

Mirrors are a deceptively easy and design inspired way to enhance lighting. Hang an over sized mirror in the living room to reflect natural light. Hanging a mirror above the fireplace creates a focal point for the room too.

Hallways can often feel dark, especially in winter, but with the addition of mirrors you can instantly create the illusion of light. Choose mirrors in different shapes and sizes and hang them together to create a mirror gallery wall. Remember to use mirrors with similar tones to create a cohesive feel.

Make space

Move furniture away from the walls, and place floor lamps around the room to create the illusion of space. You’ll instantly feel your room become brighter. Turn the lights off, and you’ll notice the room goes back to feeling smaller and cramped.

Remember to choose lamp shades that are lighter in colour or are made of a reflective material like metal. Brass is having a bit of a moment and is a contemporary nod to the industrial feel. You can add soft furnishings in faux fur and velvet to soften the overall effect. It also gives a luxe feel to the room too.

Light the way

Your choice of lightbulb will have a massive impact on your home, not only does it affect the amount of light in a room, but also the overall ambiance. LED bulbs that around 2,700 on the Kelvin scale are perfect for living rooms and bedrooms as they provide a soft glow, creating a cosy effect. Whilst bulbs with a temperature of around 300K have a whiter light making them better suited to bathrooms and kitchens.

Making small changes will go a long way in not only enhancing your home, but also your mood.


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