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Top Three Benefits of Quick Step Engineered Wood Flooring

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Quick Step Flooring utilizes stylish colours, chic cuts and surface effects which have become synonymous with engineered wood flooring with a wide array of colours and patterns to make your flooring a class apart.  Engineered wood flooring has risen to prominence within the recent years, due to its natural ‘wood look’ along with its unique finishing which has allowed for the floor to age well. The reason for its prominence has also come through its practical benefits, whereby not only does it suit your interior decor requirements, but also provides useful benefits which have been outlined below.   

High End Stability and Durability

One of the most popular engineered wood floors namely Quick Step floors utilizes the highest grade of raw material in order to ascertain a superior finishing of the floor. In addition to this, to ensure lifelong durability and strength, such floors are manufactured using three solid wood layers along with a protective finish. The multi-layered design further adds to the floor’s resistance to changing temperatures and humidity conditions hence providing a way for the prevention of damage to the flooring, over time.

In terms of stability, the flooring’s core layer is formed with Hevea, spruce or HDF (High-Density Fibreboard) in order to further provide the flooring with balance and stability, over its lifetime of usage.

Ease of Installation

The ease of installation is perhaps one of the most important aspects of any flooring choice, whereby if your chosen flooring can be installed easily, it makes the whole process of replacing your flooring one of ease and convenience. In case of Quick Step engineered flooring the Uniclic tongue and groove method of clicking and locking along with the method glue – based installations are both easy installations techniques which can be utilized to provide you with the ease of installing your desired flooring.

Low Maintenance Hassles

As per the norm, when we think of wood flooring we think of the array of maintenance requirements which are needed on a constant basis to maintain the flooring in pristine condition. However, in case of engineered wood flooring, as a result of the flooring having a protective finish, which is made from seven layers of water-based lacquer exposed to UV-processing, it is protected against stains, scratches, wear and other such problems, allowing for the maintenance of your flooring to be hassle free.  In addition to this, the layer of veneer comprising pine or spruce allows for the other layers to be supported, which in turn provides aid in preventing typical wood problems including cupping and warping.


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