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Get the Best Deal from the Right Mattress Store


Sleeping is an essential part of the daily life of every human. Sleeping helps to rejuvenate the mind and restore energy after a long and maybe stressful day. For ages, humans have slept on various kinds of materials and things including the floor, mats, hammocks, etc. A mattress is the most common in modern times and also the most comfortable material to sleep on.

A mattress is typically a large and rectangular pad that is used for supporting a reclining body. Although it can be used alone, it is usually placed on a bed frame in order to give it height and make it more comfortable. This frame may be solid or elastic.

Mattresses are made of different materials and covered in a quilted or a similar kind of casing or fabric. These materials can include fiber, straw, foam, cotton, hair, or metal springs. Some are even filled with water or air. You can read further on this here.

The Importance of a Mattresses

It is not just enough to have a mattress to lie on, you should always have the best at every time. This is because it can have an impact on your health. Sleeping is important to good health and with a quality mattress, you will sleep soundly and wake up energized. You can find reasons why you need to have a good mattress below.

Better Quality of Sleep

When you sleep on a bad mattress, you will most likely keep tossing and turning about as your body is trying to find a more comfortable place. These interruptions will cause you to have a night of poor quality sleep and this will eventually hurt your body and health.

Proper Alignment for Your Spine, Back and Joints

The body is shaped in a way that it has curves and joints. When you lie down, your mattress should align and take the shape of your body. It should equally support every part of your body while distributing weight evenly. This is important for the lower back so that the spine can be in a neutral position. This is important because you may experience chronic pain if your spine is not properly aligned.

If you do not get the proper support for your back, it may mean that your mattress is too soft. To avoid resting heavily on your hips and shoulders, you should choose one that can support your body’s natural curves. This will ensure that you always wake up without any soreness, aches, or pains.

The new Sealy mattress collections are a perfect example of mattresses designed with proper alignment in mind. Backed by orthopaedic science they are engineered to provide support where you need it most. MyNextMatress.co.uk are one of the UK’s largest stockists of all things Sealy and can help you get the perfect mattress for your body.

Good for Your Heart

There is a list of things that are bad for the heart and chief amongst these is poor-quality sleep. Depending on the age group, most humans including babies should sleep for between 8 – 16 hours a day. You should get at least 8 hours of sleep as an adult. You can only achieve this with a sound and undisturbed sleep and your bedding plays a big part in this.

Without this, you are at the risk of experiencing heart diseases such as stroke and heart attack. Good quality of sleep on the other hand keeps your heart healthy.

It Is Good for Your Mental Health

A lack of quality sleep may lead to depression, anxiety as well as psychiatric disorders. All these are bad and obviously will have a negative impact on you. A quality mattress on the other hand leads to good sleep. This will help to lift your spirit, make you alert, while at the same time improving your memory, cognitive and decision-making skills.

Reduces Stress

A night of quality sleep will result in reduced stress levels. After the hustle and bustle of the day’s activities, you deserve quality and sound sleep that good bedding offers. When you get this, your stress level is drastically reduced and you can be ready to face a new day.

Sleep deficiency will produce toxic hormones in the body that can lead to an increase in blood pressure. A deep and regular sleep aided by a good mattress will help to prevent this. It will keep your blood pressure low and put you in a relaxed mood. You will find some other benefits in this article here.

Buying a Mattress

Having seen the importance of good mattresses, how do you choose one? You can find some tips below to help you understand the comparison of different types of mattresses.

Check for Good Support

Quality bedding will offer good support for your body without discomfort to your ribcage, shoulders, hips, or ankles. It will conform to the curves of your body and to your spine keeping it aligned to other parts of your body while distributing your weight equally. Before buying a mattress, make sure to read reviews about it and also test it in-store by laying down for a while. Some stores may even offer you an option to test it over a period and if you are not satisfied, you may return it.

Choose One that Meets Your Individual Needs

Much like clothes, a mattress is not one size fits all. There are different body types as well as different types of mattresses that can meet each need. Does this mean that you have to buy a different one for each member of your family? No. Some mattresses offer a broad range of benefits that can support different people. You can choose one that closely fits this profile.

Go to a Good Store

In addition to the above, where you buy your mattress is equally important. You should preferably buy from a store that offers you a range of options to select one. There should be room for you to test different mattresses in order to find a suitable one. If you are having trouble selecting one, they should be able to assist and guide you in choosing while offering you recommendations.

Furthermore, buying the Best Mattress from reliable sources will be able to offer you a guarantee on their products. If there is any issue, they can take care of it. Also large stores may be able to offer you a payment plan that will make it easy for you to pay.


A quality mattress equals quality sleep and quality sleep equals good health. This means that it is not enough just to buy a mattress. You should ensure to buy a quality one and the best place to get that is from a good store.


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