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Advances in Student Accommodation


Long gone are the days of dingy student halls with communal showers and old-fashioned furnishings. The whole concept of student property is changing as tenants are demanding higher quality housing which meets the needs of modern-day students.

Previously stereotyped as wild, messy and careless individuals who solely consider university as an opportunity for partying, accommodation for students was designed to cater for the bare minimum, with landlords not paying much attention to the explicit needs of tenants. Nowadays however, students are being taken a lot more seriously and are respected as intellectuals who deserve premium accommodation during their time studying.

All in One Independent Apartments

The 21st century student is a lot more independent. As if moving away from home isn’t enough, students are now demanding more private facilities that stray away from a shared living approach.

Studio flats are designed with this philosophy in mind, integrating a bedroom, study area, living space, bathroom and sometimes even compact kitchens all into the confinements of a single room.

More sociable set ups with communal lounges and larger kitchens are still proving popular for mixing and mingling, but some students appreciate the quieter life and enjoy not having to leave their room to make a drink or watch the television.

In some developments, students get the best of both worlds with provisions implemented into their own personal rooms as well as joint spaces.

Improved Communal Spaces

When communal areas are still incorporated into student accommodation layouts, they have been upgraded dramatically. Students say goodbye to uncomfortable sofas and small TVs that previously qualified as ‘adequate’ leisure amenities, and welcome dynamic gaming hubs, cinema rooms and luxury coffee bars just outside their dorm.

Even the conventional lounge and kitchen areas are kitted out with the most up to date appliances and comfortable furniture. Embellished with bright colours and intricate patterns, the now vibrant interiors are hugely enhanced in comparison to old and drab décor, helping to create an atmosphere integral to inspiring young minds.

Gyms are another convenient addition to student projects with students now able to break out a sweat just minutes from their room. With exercise proving to reduce stress, this is a healthy added feature that permits students to take time out from the rigorous demands of academic study.

A New Standard of Student Living

The overall standard of student property has risen with furnishings resembling that of luxury designer pads. Aside from the tasteful and more sophisticated choices in decorative elements, high-quality materials such as solid wood floors and plush carpets pave the way for comfortable seating, practical, high-gloss desks and sturdy wall shelves that all aid student living in a positive way.

In addition to this, windows that used to let a fraction of daylight in through a small, square are now rivalled by larger counterparts that allow plenty of sun and fresh air into the room.

Concierge services are also available around the clock in some student developments, adding to a hotel-like experience that exists in today’s more superior student property industry.

What Next?

In the near future, student property will continue to become more luxurious and cater to multiple needs of student living. A major breakthrough will see the sector ‘go green’ with various eco technologies enabling students to utilise their devices in a more effective way.

Charging your phone may be as simple as placing it down on a specialised surface containing charging coils, a feature that will prove extremely useful when extended to vital study gadgets like tablets and laptops.

Smarter buildings will alert maintenance operatives about damages and required repairs before students even notice, streamlining the preservation process of utilities.

Student phones will be wirelessly connected to the building that they live in, reminding them to switch off their lights or pick their laundry up.

Other energy saving technologies will include regulating heating and air quality in rooms based on occupancy at any given time and the generation of renewable energy through solar panels.

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