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Popular Roof Coatings In Falls Church Virginia


Currently, several roofing types are available in the market. But, some roofing materials are not much strong and have very little life. However, if you go for high-quality roofing materials, these can be very expensive, and most people can’t easily afford them.

However, roof coatings are a fantastic choice that is highly affordable and long-lasting. In addition, this roof coating prevents your roof from UV rays from the sun. As a result, the temperature of your interior house will remain moderate.

These roof coatings also increase the lifespan of the roofs. In addition, they protect the actual roof during different weather conditions. Roof coatings are excellent for commercial, industrial, and residential owners because according to lowcostroofingva.com  they require deficient maintenance.

Moreover, they can protect flat roofs from sun rays, water, and hail damage. Usually, flat roof owners prefer to apply a roof coating on their tops for extra protection.

Although these roof coatings have several benefits, they also have drawbacks that disturb some house owners. So, before finalizing them, it is better to look at the pros and cons of roof coatings.

Some popular roof coatings:

Roof coatings have several different types, categorized based on their quality. These roof coatings are very cost-efficient and increase the life of a house roof. Below we have discussed some popular roof coatings that you can choose for your commercial and industrial roofs.

·         Acrylic roof coatings

·         Silicone roof coatings

·         Polyurethane roof coatings

Pros of Roof Coatings:

Roof coatings are a great source to save a lot of money. There are many pros of roof coating that are discussed below.

  1. Increase reflectivity:

Roof coatings are highly reflective and increase the reflectivity of roofs. Due to roof coating’s reflective behavior, UV rays from the sun are easily reflected from their surface.

Due to high reflectivity, the interior of the house or building stays more fabulous in the summers and warmer in winter. This reflectivity feature is handy, especially if you live in a hot climate.

  1. Cost-effective:

Roof coatings are shields that protect the actual roof from UV rays and other climate conditions. So, you can save money through roof coatings. In addition, they protect the shingles from any damage, and you don’t have to spend money on its maintenance.

Moreover, the reflective behavior ensures that the house interior temperature stays moderate. So, you can save heavy money by spending less electricity on air conditioners. So, these roof coatings are highly cost-effective and affordable.

  1. Highly durable:

Roof coatings are rigid materials like silicon, acrylic, and polyurethane. So, these materials ensure that your roof coating last longer and you don’t have to spend again after a few days. That’s why roof coatings are considered highly durable.

  1. Weather-resistant:

Roof coatings are best during extreme weather conditions. They protect the roof’s interior from damage during heavy storms, rain, hail storms, and intense sunlight.

These roof coatings ensure that no moss or algae forms on the roof during rain. These tiny bacteria can be very harmful to roof shingles. It also stops rainwater from traveling to your house’s interior so that no cracks will appear in the walls and shingles.

Cons of Roof Coatings:

Although roof coatings are an excellent choice for flat roofs, there are still so many cons that can come with these roof coatings. So, below are some drawbacks of roof coatings that you can face after their installment.

  1. Ponding water

Although many roof coatings work as a shield against water and stop it from penetrating at the bottom, acrylic roof coatings are not too suitable against water. They cause the water to travel at the bottom, which causes your roofs to start cracking. Also, during heavy rains, the shingles begin to get broke with the rainwater.

  1. Loss reflectivity

As we have discussed in the pros, roof coatings are highly reflective, but by the time some roof coatings start to lose their reflectivity. For example, during extensive sunlight and UV rays, silicone roof coatings tend to lose the ability of reflectivity. Therefore, it can cause a heavy increase in the electricity bill as the interior temperature rises.


Roof coatings are best if you live in a hot climate. They are an excellent shielding tool that prevents increasing the house’s temperature. They also protect the roofs from damage due to hail storms and heavy rain.

Although roof coatings have many advantages, there are still a few disadvantages you have to face over time. Silicon starts losing its reflectivity after some years, which can increase the rate of bills.


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